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(Solved) 31 The faraday is a unit of charge frequently encountered in electrochemical applications and named for the British physicist and chemist Michael...

Please answer each question neatly and show all work(step by step) and formulas used for each question.

31 The faraday is a unit of charge frequently encountered in electrochemical applications and named for the British
physicist and chemist Michael Faraday. It consists of exactly 1 mole of elementary charges. Calculate the number of
coulombs in 1.000 faraday.
32 Another unit of charge is the electrostatic unit (esu). It is defined as follows: Two point charges, each of 1 esu and
separated by 1 cm, exert a force of exactly 1 dyne on each other: 1 dyne = 1 g cm/s2 = 1·10−5 N. a) Determine the relationship between the esu and the coulomb. b) Determine the relationship between the esu and the elementary charge. 36 Performing an experiment similar to Millikan's oil drop experiment, a student measures these charge magnitudes:
o 3.26 ·10−19 C o 6.39 ·10−19 C o 5.09 ·10−19 C o 4.66 ·10−19 C o 1.53·10−19 C 39 Two identically charged particles separated by a distance of 1.00 m repel each other with a force of 1.00 N.
What is the magnitude of the charges? 40 How far apart must two electrons be placed on the Earth's surface for there to be an electrostatic force between
them equal to the weight of one of the electrons? 41 In solid sodium chloride (table salt), chloride ions have one more electron than they have protons, and sodium
ions have one more proton than they have electrons. These ions are separated by about 0.28 nm. Calculate the
electrostatic force between a sodium ion and a chloride ion. 43 Calculate the magnitude of the electrostatic force the two up quarks inside a proton exert on each other if they
are separated by a distance of 0.900 fm.
45 Two initially uncharged identical metal spheres, 1 and 2, are connected by an insulating spring (unstretched
length L0 = 1.00 m, spring constant k = 25.0 N/m), as shown in the figure. Charges +q and −q are then placed on the
spheres, and the spring contracts to length L = 0.635 m. Recall that the force exerted by a spring is Fs = kΔx, where Δx is the change in the spring's length from its equilibrium length. Determine the charge q. If the spring is coated
with metal to make it conducting, what is the new length of the spring? 47 Identical point charges Q are placed at each of the four corners of a rectangle measuring 2.00 m by 3.00 m. If Q
= 32.0 μC, what is the magnitude of the electrostatic force on any one of the charges? 48 Charge q1 = 1.40·10−8 C is placed at the origin. Charges q2 = −1.80·10−8 C and q3 = 2.10·10−8 C are placed at
points (0.180 m,0.000 m) and (0.000 m,0.240 m), respectively, as shown in the figure. Determine the net
electrostatic force (magnitude and direction) on charge q3. 50 Find the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force acting on the electron in the figure. 51 In a region of two-dimensional space, there are three fixed charges: +1.00 mC at (0,0), −2.00 mC at (17.0 mm,
−5.00 mm), and +3.00 mC at (−2.00 mm,11.0 mm). What is the net force on the −2.00-mC charge? 62 Some of the earliest atomic models held that the orbital velocity of an electron in an atom could be correlated
with the radius of the atom. If the radius of the hydrogen atom is 5.29·10−11 m and the electrostatic force is
responsible for the circular motion of the electron, what is the kinetic energy of this orbital electron? 64 In general, astronomical objects are not exactly electrically neutral. Suppose the Earth and the Moon each carry
a charge of −1.00·106 C (this is approximately correct; a more precise value is identified in


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