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(Solved) Answers should be written 2 page length (not including cover page and references) in paragraph form.

Hi kinini, I need you help to answer the following questions in the case study. Answers should be written  2 page length (not including cover page and references) in paragraph form. Should follow the APA format. (Use in-text citation or references which are current not beyond 8 years.)

Case Study (Infant Physical Development)

Directions:  Referecing the appropriate information in your text and at least one other reference, answer the questions that follow the case study.  Your responses should be based on research-based information. Be sure that your responses are written in complete sentences and in paragraph format.  Your responses should reflect 1) knowledge and understanding of how children grow and develop;  2)  knowledge and understanding of theories and principles of development;  and 3) developmentally appropriate practices.  Make sure you use the proper citation of information gleaned from the references.  Include a list of references at the end of the case study.

The case and the questions:

Lisa Jackson was thrilled to find a mom-and-baby group when she moved to Atlanta with her 6-month old son, Danny.  The women were friendly and Lisa relished having other new moms and kids the same age.  But, she was troubled by the undercurrent of competition among several of the moms.  One woman in particular trumpeted her daughter's latest triumph at every get together.  Little Cora began crawling at 6 months, she was cruising the room, using furniture for support.  At 10 months, she took her first independent steps.

            Lisa began to despair, Danny, at 10 months, had only recently started crawling.  He struggled to pull up to a standing position, but then he plopped down.  Lisa wondered if he would ever walk, and she worried that the seemingly huge gap between his development and Cora's meant that something was seriously wrong.

            Then Lisa read a study which claimed that children who were given regular practice stepping in early infancy walked sooner than other children.  Although Danny was well past the age cited in the study, Lisa began a rigorous program of practice walking.  Holding his hands, she marched Danny around the house three times a day for a total of 45 minutes, righting him each time he sagged.  After a week of this routine, Danny broke down sobbing when Lisa reached for his hand.  He lay on the floor and refused to stand up.  Frightened, Lisa stopped the practice.

1.  Do you think Lisa's concern about Danny's development is justified?  Why or why not?

2.  What could you tell Lisa about the range of normal physical development in infancy that might dispel her fears?

3.  Why do you think Lisa's program of regular practice walking did not work the way she had hoped?

4.  What might Lisa do to support Danny's gross motor development without causing him distress?

5.  What are the disadvantages of comparing a child's development to that of his or her peers?  What might Lisa say to herself the next time her friends' comments start to worry her?


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