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(Solved) Answer Following questions from below option A,B,C,D 1) Which of the following entities was part of the network itself? Question 1 options: a) FCC b)...

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Answer Following questions from below option A,B,C,D
1) Which of the following entities was part of the network itself?
Question 1 options:
a) FCC
b) Standards and Practices
c) NAB Question 2
Which term refers to the process of recording the television image from the
television monitor tube?
a) Kinescope
b) Simulcast
c) O&O
d) Syndication Question 3
Who did the license freeze from 1948-52 help most?
a) The station owners because they had time to raise more money b) DuMont and ABC because they were able to take the time to improve their content so the
affiliates later
c) The television set business because the freeze led to more sets being sold d) CBS and NBC because they had the most developed and respected content so stations affi Question 4
Which network pushed for the earlier introduction of color TV and use of VHF?
a) ABC
b) CBS
c) NBC Question 5
Which term better described the style of television used by variety shows like
Your Show of Shows?
Question 5 options:
a) Representational
b) Syndicated
c) Presentational
d) Simulcast Question 6
"Marty" was an example of:
a) A sustaining program
b) A variety show
c) A soap opera
d) An anthology drama Question 7
What did Myrt and Marge and the television episode of Amos and Andy have
in common?
Question 7 options:
a) They both involved radio soap opera
b) They both involved African American actors
c) They were both boycotted by the NAACP
d) All of the above
Which of the following terms best describes programming a schedule such
that one show seems to logically lead into the next one in a lineup?
a) Flow
b) Syndication
c) Counterprogramming
d) Anthologized
9) Which network relied most heavily on Warner Bros. for content?
a) CBS
b) NBC
d) DuMont
10)Which of the following tv shows best reflected the fear of communism in
the 1950s?
a) I love lucy
b) I led 3 lives
c) Life with Luigi
d) Amos and Andy
11) First run syndication is:
A) When a show is aired for the first time on a collection of stations rather
than a network
b) When a show is aired in reruns.
C) When a show is aired for the first time on two different networks
d) When a show covers its production budget during its first run 12) Which of the following was NOT true about Disneyland the TV series?
a) It used cartoons from its vaults
b) It released content shown in the series in theaters
c) It used money from ABC to build the theme park
d) It’s first episode coincided with the opening of the park
Answer the following questions.
13) Using I Love Lucy and Marty, discuss how the television industry changed
from the early '50s to the early '60s. Give a minimum of 3 examples.
14) Assume the United States has 10 million households and the Dancing
with the Stars finale had a 52 rating (which it TOTALLY DID NOT), how many
households were watching the finale?
15) Using the information from the previous question, determine the Dancing
with the Stars finale share. If you cannot do so with the information given,
explain why.


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