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(Solved) ADM 2304 -- ASSIGNMENT 1 Due Date: Sunday, February 5, 2017 at midnight. Instructions: You may use Minitab or other software for any calculations....

Hello! This is a Stats assignment, it is fairly easy! Please check out the Assign1.pdf file for instructions and the rest of the files are suporting docs/data. I will give a generous tip if done properly and detailed.

Due Date: Sunday, February 5, 2017 at midnight.
You may use Minitab or other software for any calculations. However, you must show your
manual calculations when asked. You may paste your output onto your assignment to show
your use of Minitab; however, this output does not replace any of the steps outlined below.
This means that answers that are exclusively Minitab output may receive only one mark.
If you are performing a hypothesis test, make sure you state the hypotheses, the level of
significance, the rejection region, the test statistic (and p-value, if requested), your decision
(whether to reject or not to reject the null hypothesis), and a conclusion in managerial
terms that answers the question posed. These steps must be completed in addition to any
Minitab output.
The data in the Minitab data files can be found in the file Assign1Data.xls.
Remember to include your integrity statement. Your assignment should be uploaded to
Blackboard in pdf format.
1. [ 10 marks ]
In the 2015 federal election, 39.47% of the electorate voted for the Liberal party, 31.89% for
the Conservative party, 19.71% for the NDP, 4.66% for the Bloc Quebecois, and 3.45% for
the Green party. (a) A recent poll of 1500 respondents found that 29.3% support the Conservative party. Test
whether this is sufficient evidence to conclude that the level of support has dropped since the
election. Use the 5% level of significance and show your manual calculations.
(b) Suppose you want to estimate the national level of support for the Conservatives using a 95%
2-sided confidence interval with a margin of error of 1%. What sample size would be
(c) Suppose that, in a random sample of 23 University of Ottawa (UOttawa) students, only 3
indicated a preference for the Conservatives. Test whether this is sufficient evidence to
indicate that the level of support for the Conservatives among UOttawa students is lower than
the 31.89% share of the popular vote in 2015. Use the .05 level of significance and show how
you would calculate the p-value for this test.
2. [ 10 marks ]
The file bmi.mtw contain the Body Mass Index (BMI) for a sample of men and a sample of
women. Two of the columns, OW_male and OW_female code the BMI values as:
0 - if BMI ≤ 25.4 (these are considered “not overweight”);
1 - if BMI 25.5 (these are considered “overweight”). (a) Test whether there is sufficient evidence to show that the proportion of overweight males
(proportion of males who are overweight) is different than the proportion of overweight females
in the population. Use the critical value approach and the 0.05 level of significance. Perform
the test manually after using Minitab to summarize the data (if you use descriptive statistics, the
mean coded value in each sample is the sample proportion).
(b) Explain how to find the p-value manually (indicate what probability has to be calculated).
(c) Finally calculate manually the 95% 2-sided confidence interval for the true difference between
the proportions of overweight males and overweight females.
(d) Explain how the results in parts (b) and (c) are consistent with your conclusion in part (a). 3. [ 5 marks ] (a) Test at the 0.05 level of significance whether the sample of male BMI observations is enough to
show that the mean BMI for males exceeds 25.5. Show your manual calculations (you may use
Minitab to summarize the sample data).
(b) Explain whether your test satisfies the underlying assumptions, with reference to a boxplot of
the sample data.
4. [10 marks]
The file OttawaMedianIncomes.mtw contains data on the median incomes (medinc) of
census dissemination areas in Ottawa. (a) Treating this set of data as the population, use Minitab to calculate the population mean for the
medinc variable. Set aside all population information until part (e).
(b) Examine a boxplot and histogram of the population data. Explain if the means of all possible
random samples of size 40 from this population would form a normal distribution.
Answer (c) and (d), without the information from (a) and (b).
(c) Now use Minitab (Calc Menu – Random Data – Sample from Columns) to draw twenty
samples of size n = 40 from the Ottawa medinc population. This procedure must be replicated
twenty times (note that if you open up the same sampling dialog box each time from the menu,
then you only have to replace the last destination column with the next one). For each sample,
use Minitab to calculate a 95% confidence interval estimate for the population mean, assuming
you do not know the population standard deviation (this interval estimation can be done in one
operation on all twenty columns, but not in Minitab Express).
(d) For your first sample, confirm the Minitab generated interval by calculating the interval
manually. Display the sample data using a boxplot and comment on whether the relevant
assumption regarding the population distribution is warranted given your sample (state clearly
the assumption needed to justify the interval estimation).
(e) Count the number of intervals out of your twenty that contain the true value of the population
mean from part (a).


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