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(Solved) ACQUTRIIS THE JAGUAR ICON On March 26, 2048 India's Tata Motclrs linalized a deal to acquire ihe Jaguar and Land Rover luxury brands from Ford for $?...

Short Case Discussion Questions on Tata Motors. 

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On March 26, 2048 India's Tata Motclrs linalized a deal to
acquire ihe Jaguar and Land Rover luxury brands from Ford
for $?.3 billion. Tata Motors has built vehicles lor more than
50 years, though mainly trucks. Earlier in 2ff)8 Tata Motors had
revealed plans to launch the Tata Nano, a budget $2,500 (txe
lakh rupee) compact city car. Tata Motors is part of the Tata
Group, one of India's biggest conglomerates. Some of Tata's
other businesses include luxury hotels ('Iaj Mahal in Mumbai,
Pierre in New York), tea (Tetley), steel (Corus), insurance, and
mobile phone service. The company is highly respected in
Not surprisinglyl n'rany people were very skeptical about the
merits of the deal and questioned whelher an Indian company
was really the best steward for a luxury marque like Jaguar.
Some speculatcd that the deal was motivatcd try Thta's desire to
acquire iconic brands, almost like former colonials acquiring the
trapping,s of the former empire. Jaguar had lost Fbrd $15 billion
during Ford's l8-year ownership of the brand, and Jaguar's sales
were in a steady decline. Jaguar sold 60.4115 cars in 2007, a huge
drop from 130.334 in 2fi02. Some industry analysls struggled tr-r
see wha! value Tata could add that had eluded Ftrrd, and what
synergies could arise between the sellirrg o1 the $2,500 Nano and the prestigious Jaguar brand icon.
Some experts say that Ford never really understood how to
fit the Jaguar brand in its portfolio and how Io market it better.
F-ord's higgest blunder may have been undermining Jaguar's
brand heritage with the launch of low-end models, the midrange S-Type in 1998 and the compact executive X-Iype in
2001. Ford discontinued both models in 2001i.
Stxtrces: "Maybc Tata, Jaguar/Land Rover Is Not Such An Odd
Couple." USA Ibday, May 27,200tt: "A Uscd-car Bargain." Ifte, tviuy 26, 2008; "Carr Tata 'I-urn Jaguar Into an Objcct of
L)esire?" Mediu,May 15,2008, p. 18. Thta has experience taking over global brands (e.g., Tettey
Tea, Corus Steel). Its strategy has been to lct each business
run its own entity, with modest input from the home office. The
purchase of f)aewoo, the South Korean truck manufacturer,
illustrales fhis strategy. After Thta bought the firm in 2fi)4,
Daewoo still operates mostly as a Korean busines-s. Tata
Motors has promised not to shilt production from Jaguar's
British factories A key elemenr of the deal is that Ford will
continue to supply Jaguar with engines and components, as rvell
as providc access to Ford's hybrid and low-emission powertrain technology. The new owner plans to return the Jaguar
marque to i1s premium heritage, eschewing volume models
such as rhe X-Type. Ravi Kant, tbe chairman of Tata Molcirs
said: '.At this moment, our focus is on making sure we streogthen
our posilion in the segments we are already and seeing that
Jaguar and Land Rover go on to become not just a very
cherished brand but a very profitable brand." (USA Totlay,
May 27.2ffi8). The first step will be an update of the XJType, Jaguar's {Iagship saloon. Thla also ponders the launch
o{ a successor to the E-Type sports car of the I 960s. Thta hopes
that the Jaguar's footprint will enabie it to penetrate into Europe
and the United Stale$, markets where it is completely unknorvn
at present. DrscussloN QUESTI0NS l. Will the acquisition of the Jaguar msrque he a smooth ride
for'Iata? Does the ThtalJaguar doal make any sense? What are
Tata's underlying motives for the acquisition?
2. What cultural issues do you think will crop up between Tata
Motors and the new acquisilion? Ilow should Tata cope with these? What are the marketing challenges that Tala will face?
How do you think these should be tackled? 3.


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