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(Solved) 1. Review Figure 1.3, "Individualism as a value in the United States compared to other democracies." Why do you believe people in

Choose one question from each section, there are 3 questions per section. Answer each in 200 words.

1. Review Figure 1.3, "Individualism as a value in the United States compared to other
democracies." Why do you believe people in America respond so differently to this
question than do people in other, Western European, countries?
After reading the text in the box, "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The
Same: The Continuing Call to the Federalist Papers" in Chapter 2, do you believe the
Federalist Papers are still relevant for understanding the U.S. Constitution?
The Bill of Rights was intended to protect certain fundamental rights for all citizens
against actions of the national government. Should the U.S. Constitution provide the
same protections for all citizens against actions of state governments, or should it be
up to each state whether to protect fundamental rights for citizens within the state?
2. Review Figure 6.1, "Confidence in Congress." Why do you believe Congress receives
such a low confidence rating?
Do you believe the committee system in Congress is beneficial to the law-making
process? Why or why not?
What are your views on members "bringing home the bacon" through pork-barrel
legislation? What if the funding is for a project in your hometown?
3. In Table 7.1, the authors provide a list of the 10 greatest Presidents of all time,
according to two separate polls by historians (in 2005 and 2009). What criteria, or
methodology, do you feel should be used when making this type of assessment?
Review the text box in Chapter 7, "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The
Same: Foreign Policy Successes That Boosted Young President." Do you believe the
President's foreign policy powers should be dominant and he should have exclusive
control over foreign relations, or do you believe Congress should play more of a role
in these affairs?
Understanding the manner in which cabinet appointees are selected and the role that
they serve, do you believe that they should primarily support and advocate for the
policy positions of the President, or do you think that they should have more
independence in expressing their opinions and making decisions regarding their
4. If politics and legal issues are so often intertwined, should the composition of the
Court include seasoned politicians as well as career jurists?
Do you believe a Supreme Court nominee's political views should play a role in
his/her approval by the Senate?
Currently, the Constitution does not contain eligibility requirements for federal
judges. Do you believe this is a strength or a weakness? What eligibility requirements
would you support, and what affect do you believe this would have on judicial
5. Have advances in modern technology expanded or contracted citizens' conceptions
of what privacy they actually enjoy? Is it still reasonable to assume that
conversations on cell phones remain private? What about e-mail messages and
texts? Is anything that you do or write on a social networking site such as Facebook
actually private?
Do you think the rights of college students should be equivalent to the rights adults
enjoy in the workforce, or should they be equivalent to the more limited rights of high
school students?
What disadvantages do modern-day pioneers in battles over equality face? Is the
fame they gain for being first worth the price they must pay from their opponents?
Do you agree that a college or university should be able to promote racial diversity
through its admissions process? Why or why not?
6. Analyze Figure 10.1, "Partisanship in America." What factors do you believe had led
to increase in the number of people who identify as "Independent," as opposed to
Democrat or Republican?
The publication of poll results in the days before an election is often criticized
because some say that voters are influenced to vote for the "leader" in the poll—the
so-called 'bandwagon effect'. Do you think that there is any merit to this criticism? "Revolving door" laws prohibit public officials from lobbying activities for one year
after they leave office. What do you view as some potential political pros or cons of
public officials making this transition?
7. Review the results listed in Figure 13.7, "Voter Turnout Around the World." Why do
you believe the U.S. has such a low voter turnout, compared to the other countries
listed? Do you believe the U.S. should implement any changes to its system of voting
in order to expand turnout?
Should voting be restricted to those with a college education? Why or why not?
Do you think college students' participation (the youth vote) made a difference in the
election outcome in 2012? Do you believe this segment of the population will/can be
influential in future elections? Explain.
8. Do you believe progressive taxes, regressive taxes, or flat taxes (or a combination of
all three) are most "fair." Explain you answer.
Looking at the budget pie charts in Figure 15.3, what areas would you identify for
increasing revenue and decreasing spending? Explain your answer.
Figure 16.1 shows "Failing to Win Over the Public in Afghanistan." How important do
you believe it is for public opinion to support foreign policy decisions? Explain.


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