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(Solved) Texas Constitution Intro Texas constitution is one of the longest and oldest still in effect (Ballotpedia). Texas was originally governed by Spain...

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Describe the features of the current Texas constitution.Explain the influences that were critical in the structure and powers of the government created in the final document.Identify similarities and differences between the Texas Constitution and the U.S. constitution.Illustrate your points with specific examples from each of the legislative, executive, and judicial articles.

Texas Constitution Intro
Texas constitution is one of the longest and oldest still in
effect (Ballotpedia). Texas was originally governed by Spain for
131 years and by Mexico for 15 years. .The first constitution for
Texas was the Mexican Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas in 1827
(Norton). Next came the Republic of Texas, declared in 1836, where Texas declared its independence from Mexico, however, it
still guaranteed the continuation of slavery. In 1845, Texas was
admitted to the Union and established its Statehood constitution.
In 1861, the constitution was modified again when it joined the
Confederate State of America and withdrew from the Union. The
Civil War constitution ensured greater protection for the slavery
institution and allegiance to the Confederacy. The State’s fifth
constitution, the Reconstruction of 1866, declared secession
illegal, repudiated the war debt to the Confederacy, and
abolished slavery-although it did not provide for improving
conditions for African Americans (Newell et al. 44). The sixth
constitution, the Radical Reconstruction 1869, was written during
Reconstruction. It empowered E. J. Davis, who is believed to have
presided over the most corrupt and oppressive government in Texas
history (Norton). The final and current constitution, State of Texas was drafted by primarily members of the Grange. This constitution has 17 articles that detail the general and specific
features that govern the State of Texas today.
The State of Texas, ratified in 1876, is the present
constitution. It is the seventh constitution of the state, and
the fifth after the state achieved its statehood. The
constitution describes the structure and function of the
government of Texas. The new constitution limits the governor to
a two year term, established a $200,000 state debt, and salary
for state officials are fixed. The State of Texas constitution
consists of a preamble and 17 articles (Ballotpedia). The 17
articles of the Texas constitution are the Bill of Rights, The
Powers of Government, Legislative Department, Executive
Department, Judicial Department, Suffrage, Education and the Free
Public Schools, Taxation and Revenue, Counties, Railroads,
Municipal Corporations, Private Corporations, Spanish and Mexican
Land Titles-deleted by amendment in 1969, Public Lands and Land
Office, Impeachment, General Provisions, and Mode of Amending the
Constitution of the State. The Texas Constitution has established
a separation of powers, which is intended to limit the powers of
the three branches of government (Norton). These separations of
powers are in the 17 articles; the Executive, Legislative, and
Judicial department, similar to the U.S. constitution. There are a number of similarities and differences between
the Federal constitution and the present constitution of the
State of Texas 1876. Both constitutions include separation of
powers, checks and balances, provisions for both empowering and
limiting government, and for protecting individual rights, the
Bill of Rights (Newell et al. 41). They also are similar in that
they both have a house of representatives and a senate. On the
other hand, the U.S. constitution is more specific and detailed
as to the very long and poorly organized Texas constitution. In
other words, the Texas constitution has 93,000 words, making it
difficult to read. The U.S. constitution is 7,000 words in length
(Two Constitutions). Texas has been amended 450 plus time and the
U.S constitution has been amended only 27 times. Another
difference is that the U.S. constitution has one Supreme Court
and Texas has two.
Here, I will be explaining my points with specific examples
from each of the legislative, executive, and judicial articles.
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