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(Solved) here are the instructions: Magazine Cover Step 1: Choose a magazine title. Choose one of the following titles, or make up your own:

i need help with a magazine project.. here are the instructions:

Magazine Cover

Step 1: Choose a magazine title.

Choose one of the following titles, or make up your own:

  • ‘50’s Living
  • The Beat
  • Today
  • The Burb
  • 1950s America

Step 2: Choose an image for the magazine cover. Search the Internet for an image that would make a good cover for the magazine.

Step 3: Create the cover.

I've done the cover ill attach it

Step 1: Choose four topics from the list below. Eventually, you will write a short article for each topic you choose.

  • The Baby Boom
  • The Growth of the Suburbs
  • Increased Consumerism
  • The Influence of Television
  • Automobiles and the Highway System
  • The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll

For now, write a one-sentence description for each topic you chose.

Step 2: Write an editor’s note.

Some magazines have comments from the editor, which sometimes consist of a story, comment, or reflections on a particular subject. Write an editor’s note for your magazine. The following are some ideas; feel free to use one, or think of something original.

  • Your personal impression of the 1950s in the form of a poem or song (with an explanation before or after)
  • A fifties family (this could be someone you know personally or based on what you’ve read on the websites)
  • A fun fad or craze that you read about
  • People who did not share in the prosperity of the 1950s

Step 3: Choose an image to accompany your editor’s note.

Step 4: Using word processing or presentation software, create pages 2 and 3 of your magazine using your four topics, descriptions, editor’s note, and image. Alternatively, you can create these pages directly in the Graded Assignment sheet. Here is an example.



Write a two-page article for each topic you chose in the previous section. Include one or two images for each article. Create the layout using a word processing or presentation program.

Here is an example of a two-page layout for an article. 


Refer to the following for guidance in writing your articles (based on the topics you chose).

The Baby Boom

Describe the baby boom of the 1950s. Include the reasons for the baby boom, its effects on American culture, and its impact on working women.

The Growth of the Suburbs

Discuss the growth of the suburbs and the positive and negative effects they had on American culture.

Increased Consumerism

Describe the increased consumerism in the 1950s, including buying on credit. Also, explain why consumerism grew during this era.

The Influence of Television

Describe the rise in television ownership. Explain how television was connected to consumer spending in the 1950s. Also discuss how television influenced American social and cultural expectations.

Automobiles and the Highway System

Increased automobile ownership in the 1950s spurred the beginning of the Interstate Highway System. The highway system led to many other changes in American society. How would American culture have developed differently if the automobile had not been affordable in the 1950s? Explain your answer.

The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Describe the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and explain why it was so popular among the teens of the 1950s.


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