(Solved) Thank you in advance! LiFiUnit4.java - Main Method Program should get input for the following items:

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LiFiUnit4.java -­ Main Method

Program should get input for the following items: (see sample at bottom)

• Day of flight (Monday-­Friday).

• Current day.

• Hour of flight (Military Time) We are only going to calculate down to the hour.

• Current hour.

Other functionality should be included as follows:

• Use a do while or while loop, to continue to ask for the day until the day matches.

• Use an If statement and if the day doesn’t match, output “Today isn’t your flight, keep checking.”

• Use a switch statement to output different things based on hours left till flight.

o 17-­23: “Are you seriously checking this early?”

o 5-­26: “Plenty of time, no need to rush.”

o 3-­4: “Better be heading to the airport.”

o 2: “Hope you are at the airport.”

o 1: “You best be at the airport, security lines are long.”

o default: “Hopefully you made your flight.”

• Output “Thanks for planning your trip with us.”, when done.


Your output will vary based on input. See sample below.  The below example shows when the same day is entered with 7 hours to go before flight.

What is the day of your flight (Monday-Sunday): Thursday

What hour does your flight leave (Military Time): 16

What is the current day (Monday-sunday): Thursday

What is the current hour (military time): 9

You have 7 hours to go.

Plenty of time, no need to rush.

Thanks for planning your trip with us.


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