(Solved) Yahoo Widgets, Inc. (YWI) is a widget manufacturer in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Yahoo Widgets, Inc. (YWI) is a widget manufacturer in Williamsburg, Virginia. YWI receives raw material sheets of plastic from Tribe Plastics, once per week, on Monday, for the family of widget models it produces. These widgets are then shipped to another manufacturer, Acme Gadgets, Inc. (AGI), for inclusion in its family of gadgets, which are sold to end users. For its new product line, the gadget manufacturer requires two types of widgets, large and small, that are packaged in returnable trays holding 55 widgets for shipment. The trays are returned, empty, to YWI after the widgets are used by AGI. The manufacturing process consists of a thermoforming activity that transforms the sheets of plastic into a "rough" widget, which requires a drilling process step and a grinding and sanding process step before the packing and shipping process step. These steps and related information are shown in the following table.


Average Demand: 5000 per day, 3500 large, 1500 small

Batch size: 1100

Number of shifts per day: 2

Shift 8 hours with 30-minute lunch

Process Step 1


Cvcle lime= 15 seconds Set-up time = 15 minutes Uptime=85%

Operators = 2

Every part every week

WIP = 5 days of sheets in front of Thermo-forming machine

Process Step 2


Cvcle lime = 32 seconds Set-up time = 25 minutes Up time=80%

Operators = 4

Every part every week

WIP = 1250 large 1500 small

Process Step 3

Grind, Sand

Cycle lime = 22 seconds Set-up time = 27 minutes Up time= 75%

Operators = 5

Every part every week

WIP = 1750 large. 1250 small

Process Step 4

Pack and Ship

WIP = 750 large 125 small


One shipment of 5000 Per day

Information Flow

Electronic communication of forecasts to supplier Electronic communication of daily orders from customer Electronic communication of forecasts from customer

Electronic communication of daily shipping schedule to process step 4 Electronic communication of weekly schedule to process steps 1-3.

All material is pushed

  1. Using the data shown in the table above, construct a value stream map for Yahoo Widgets, Inc.
  2. What is the takt time of the manufacturing cell?
  3. What is the production lead time for each process step?
  4. What is the total processing time for the manufacturing cell?
  5. What is the total capacity of the manufacturing cell?


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