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(Solved) Question 1 Which of the following statements is true regarding social engineering?

Question 1

  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding social engineering?

    Social engineering is when an attacker attempts to take advantage of a weakness in a network, device, or application.

    Security professionals consider social engineering a highly sophisticated "technical" form of attack.

    Social engineering will never be as effective as a traditional technical attack.

    Hackers, cybercriminals, or cyberterrorists often save time and achieve what they could not otherwise by simply asking.

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Question 2
  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding a properly configured Virtual Private Network (VPN) that uses IPSec and adheres closely to best practices, such as strong authentication, network segmentation, device validation, posture assessment, etc.?

    This VPN will not protect information while it is in transit from one location to the other.

    Actually "breaking" into a VPN tunnel such as this one will take significant technical prowess.

    This VPN security will be impenetrable by less technically savvy cybercriminals, hackers, and others.

    This VPN will be immune to social engineering and reverse social engineering techniques.

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Question 3
  1. Social engineering and reverse social engineering are used to gain access by:

    pretending to be a legitimate user.

    applying technical prowess.

    unleashing a brute-force attack.

    using outdated passwords and credentials.

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Question 4
  1. The hidden part of the Internet where one can buy just about any product or service, pay in a currency called "bitcoins," and transact business anonymously is referred to as the:





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Question 5
  1. Which of the following refers to a Web site that was a black market for drugs, weapons, and killers for hire?


    Black Road

    Silk Road

    The Club

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Question 6
  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding Kitty Kat (KK) in the fictitious scenario used in the lab?

    KK began her work with an Internet search to find information about the target company and its owners.

    KK obtained the employees' travel itinerary from the article in Cincinnati Journal.

    KK and her accomplices did not commit any type of crime at the airport.

    KK's efforts were unsuccessful at obtaining valuable information about the target company.

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Question 7
  1. In the scenario in the lab, Marina neglected to use a(n) __________ on her smartphone, which meant that anyone could gain immediate access to her contacts and other private information.


    pass key

    screen lock

    IMAP protocol

10 points   

Question 8
  1. In the scenario in the lab, Marina and Rita's Cupcakes used the __________, which stores copies of all e-mails on the server.

    Bitcoin account

    VPN password

    VPN protocol

    IMAP protocol

10 points   

Question 9
  1. In the scenario in the lab, Kitty Kat (KK) was able to access the Marina and Rita's Cupcakes' __________ via the VPN, which was set-up for Marina's convenience to use a pre-stored password and automatic sign-in.


    Facebook page

    Web site

    Internet history

10 points   

Question 10
  1. In the scenario in the lab, Kitty Kat (KK) was able to open the VPN and download the e-mail of key employees after sending an e-mail to the employees asking them to:

    send copies of their e-mail history.

    reset their VPN passwords.

    delete their VPN accounts.

    establish new e-mail accounts.

10 points   

Question 11
  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the e-mails that were collected from Marina and Rita's Cupcakes' key employees?

    The e-mails were password protected and unable to be read.

    The e-mails included very little useful information.

    The e-mails included only personal information such as information about relationships and gossip.

    The e-mails included both professional and personal information that could be exploited.

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Question 12
  1. Which of the following steps can make VPN access more secure?

    Assure Perfect Forward Secrecy during IKE key exchange.

    Allow access only from specific MAC addresses and specific MAC/IP address pairs.

    Use foreign words as passwords.

    Change password letters to numbers, such as all Ls to 7s and all Os to 0s.

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Question 13
  1. Instead of relying just on a user ID and password systems, VPN access can be protected by tokens like SecurID and other __________ methods.

    multi-factor authentication

    multi-use password

    uniform authentication

    universal password

10 points   

Question 14
  1. Which of the following strengthens access procedures and makes a VPN more secure?

    Make sure that all parameters for the VPN are identical, regardless of the type of information being protected.

    Make sure that all parameters for the VPN are applied uniformly.

    Make sure that configuration procedures are not reviewed or changed once they are in place.

    Do not use devices that generate one-time use passwords or parts of passwords

10 points   

Question 15
  1. A well-designed malicious e-mail campaign can expect __________ responses, or click-throughs, as a legitimate commercial e-mail campaign.

    far more

    somewhat more

    about the same number of


10 points   

Question 16
  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding spam e-mails?

    Regardless of the purpose of the campaign, there is only a single type of spam e-mail that can be sent.

    A good spam e-mail can be considered a valid part of a legitimate marketing campaign.

    The effectiveness of a spam e-mail has nothing to do with the relationship between the sender and receiver.

    A spam e-mail can be part of a larger campaign of deception, or it can be the entire campaign.

10 points   

Question 17
  1. Which of the following statements is true regarding phishing?

    Phishing e-mails are spam e-mails that rely on the recipient remaining passive and inactive.

    Phishing e-mails that are general in nature, rather than targeted to a specific audience, are called spear phishing e-mails.

    Spear phishing e-mails use social engineering techniques to appeal to the target.

    Neither phishing nor spear phishing e-mails are very effective.

10 points   

Question 18
  1. What type of e-mails are used to either get credentials that make breaking into or using a VPN easier, or are designed to ask users to do things like send money, disclose VPN credentials, or change passwords?

    Spear phishing

    VPN phishing

    Password phishing

    Password noodling

10 points   

  1. Question 19
    1. Which of the following statements is true regarding creating a successful spam e-mail campaign?

      The sender's identity has to be a person or entity that is unknown or unfamiliar to the recipient.

      Most spam campaigns use an actual sender e-mail address, rather than a temporary one.

      The decision to use a real or false sender address depends on whether or not the spammer wishes the recipient to ultimately delete the e-mail.

      When the sender is a known contact of the target, using the sender's actual e-mail address increases the appearance that the e-mail is proper.

    10 points   Question 20
    1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the body (or content) of a spam e-mail?

      The body of the e-mail is generally not very important to the effectiveness of a spam e-mail campaign.

      The body of the e-mail depends entirely on the objectives and goals of the recipient.

      If the intent of the campaign is to verify that the e-mail account is active, the recipient only has to open the e-mail, not read the content.

      If the intent of the campaign is to encourage the recipient to do something, then the body is not very important


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