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Answered) Where does a response that elicits awareness fall on the spectrum of responses to diversity?

Where does a response that elicits awareness fall on the spectrum of responses to diversity?

  • A. A negative response
  • B. A positive response
  • C. A neutral response
  • D. It is not on the spectrum of responses to diversity.

How can adults support childrenâs development of positive, appreciative attitudes towards differences?

  • A. By simply letting nature take its course and allowing the attitudes to develop on their own
  • B. Punishing children when they display a negative attitude towards differences
  • C. Allowing children a reward when they correctly display a positive, appreciative attitude towards differences
  • D. Frequently sharing positive, honest messages about human and social differences

How can early childhood professionals actively support positive attitudes about diversity in young children?

  • A. By encouraging positive attitudes and values.
  • B. By incorporating lessons into their curriculum or other means of instruction.
  • C. By explicitly dialoguing with children about differences and values of appreciating diversity.
  • D. All of the above

Which of the following statements would tell you about your own culture based on whether or not you agreed with it?

  • A. Infants should sleep in their own bed.
  • B. Children should be given explanations for rules and consequences of negative behavior.
  • C. Speaking to young children supports language development.
  • D. All of the above.

Appreciating diversity involves:

  • A. truly valuing other people, respecting and appreciating someone for their unique person and background.
  • B. taking part in cultural festivals and holidays.
  • C. asking someone of a different background how and why they do things differently in order to learn more about them.
  • D. researching different cultures.

Beliefs about child rearing practices are influenced by:

  • A. ethnicity, intuition, occupation.
  • B. ethnicity, religion, and occupation.
  • C. religion, education, destiny.
  • D. education, occupation, serendipity.

The term ethnocentrism applies to which one of the following situations?

  • A. Jack OâShea, who is American, tells everyone that the Irish are the best people on Godâs green earth.
  • B. An Asian familyâs meals are considered strange and unappetizing by mainstream American standards.
  • C. An African-American accuses a white supervisor of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • D. Rufus Taylor is associated with a White Supremacist organization and takes part in its bigotry-fed activities.

Which can be an effect of an internal response?

  • A. Internal responses can easily be ignored.
  • B. Internal responses can drive our actions even if we donât realize it.
  • C. Internal responses do not have a correlation to our values and beliefs.
  • D. Internal responses pop into our heads and are then forgotten.

Where does a response that elicits discrimination fall on the spectrum of responses to diversity?

  • A. A negative response
  • B. A positive response
  • C. A neutral response
  • D. It is not on the spectrum of responses to diversity.

Which one of the following would be considered a stereotype?

  • A. Pacific Coast Indians are drunks.
  • B. Most Central and South American Hispanics have dark-skin.
  • C. Children with disabilities should have access to programs for children without disabilities.
  • D. American children who grow up in the Southern United States have a distinct accent when they speak.

âWe donât notice differences here; weâre all the same on the insideâ is an example of which type of response to diversity?

  • A. Sameness ideology
  • B. Focus on the inside over the outside
  • C. Minimization or color blindness
  • D. Difference blocking

How can the use of scripts be helpful in anti-bias practice?

  • A. They give adults simple, clear, positive comments to use in difficult or sensitive moments of conflict.
  • B. They employ highly specific phrases that one can use in one situation only.
  • C. They provide experience for those who are rarely in a situation where their bias may show.
  • D. They give clear directions on what kind of comments one should try to avoid making.

What is one factor influencing the evidence that there are major discrepancies in outcomes based on racial and cultural groups?

  • A. Different groups are genetically predisposed to higher achievement.
  • B. Negative perceptions of particular groups can result in significantly disparate access to resources and opportunities.
  • C. There arenât notable differences in outcomes based on different racial or cultural groups.
  • D. Data collectors are biased.


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