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Answered) Setting up the Assignment:

  • Setting up the Assignment: This assignment asks you to consider Platoâs Allegory of the Cave. While there are a number of different sub-points that can be extracted from the Allegory, Platoâs main thesis is that there are two levels of knowledge or realityâthe physical world or pure intellect (outside the cave), and physical world or sense experience (inside the cave)âand that the former is a higher form of reality than the latter (Lawhead, Section 1.2).
  • Formatting: The word count on this assignment is 500-700 words double-spaced. Please organize your submission in the same manner as the instructions. Thus, your submission should have three headings (Part I, Part II and Part III) that correspond to the below instructions. Please do not copy and paste the instructions into your submission. Failure to follow these formatting instructions will result in a 3 pt. deduction off your grade.
  • Part I (10 pts)
  • First, carefully read Section 1.2 of the text. Second, in 200-300 words expand on a couple key symbolic elements of the Allegory. In what sense is life inside the cave problematic for Plato? In what sense is it beneficial to climb outside the cave? Here, you can make use of your own updated examples to help explain Platoâs view, or you can do some outside research, or you can stick to Lawhead. The key idea is to render a brief but sympathetic interpretation of Platoâs main thesis. Please make sure that you cite all sources whether quoted or paraphrased.
  • Part II (10 pts)
  • In no more than three sentences, explicitly state your own thesis in response to Platoâs thesis, as well as a sketch of the supporting reasons for your thesis (be specific). In other words, does Platoâs Allegory accurately capture the nature of knowledge and reality, and why? Said differently, does the Allegory represent a good analogy? 

  • Thesis Examples:

  • Although interesting and thought-provoking, Platoâs Allegory of the Cave does not accurately represent knowledge and reality, due to the fact that _____.

  • Platoâs Allegory of the Cave presents a challenging and accurate picture of the world. This is because_____.
  • Part III (10 pts)
  • In 200-300 words, explain and expand upon your thesis. Note that Part III of the assignment is just like Part I, except that now you are articulating your own view, as opposed to Platoâs. Please make sure that each aspect Part III directly supports your thesis in Part II.
  • Total Point Value: 30 pts.
  • Instructions
  • Write and submit a thoughtful, clear and succinct thesis writing assignment of 500-700 words, in direct response to the Module 1 assignment above.

  • Draw directly upon our assigned textbook readings for this Module in carefully crafting your detailed response.

  • In answering the thesis writing assignment questions provided, carefully review, reflect upon, and attempt to integrate the textbook material covered in Chapter 1.

  • Please double-space your submission, include your name at the top of its first page, and be sure to cite all sources quoted or paraphrased from (even if itâs only our textbook). Please take careful note of the above formatting instructions.

  • Donât forget to include a bibliography or âworks citedâ page at the end!

  • Submit it to the Module 1 Thesis Writing Assignment to the Dropbox no later than the last day of this Module.
  • See the Schedule in the Start Here! Module for due dates and the rubric attached to this dropbox for grading information.


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