Answered) 85th Texas Legislative Project--Part II 1. Choose an issue item to follow during this session of the Legislature.

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85th Texas Legislative Project--Part II

1.. Choose an issue item to follow during this session of the Legislature. This is not just one bill but a topic of bills and compile a report of the progress of the most important of these for submission at the end of the semester.( see #3 below)

2. List of Agenda Topics Choose one area to follow. Let me know in an email your choice (note: not everyone can choose guns, drugs, abortion)

I chose Budget

3. Note: This assignment is not due until semester's end. I want you to get busy researching these bills as they are introduced. I will insert a copy of this assignment into Chapter 15 so that you can deposit your final paper in its proper dropbox.

4. Format for Research and Writing Your Final Paper for this Assignment

a. In your textbook, read about your topic (found in Index of book). Discover current policy in Texas dealing with your topic. Write several paragraphs summarizing this information. This will be the first part of your final paper. Do this now and file away for inclusion in your final paper.

b. Begin research on bills introduced into the Legislature on your topic.

  (1) List bill's House or Senate number

  (2) Summary of what bill will do and why necessary

  (3) Sponsors of bill

  (4) Groups supporting or opposing bill


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