Answered) In Chinatown, Jack Nicholson’s character, J.J. Gittes, plays a huge role in how we view the movie. He was a former cop in Chinatown, but retired...

In Chinatown, Jack Nicholson’s character, J.J. Gittes, plays a huge role in how we view the movie. He was a former cop in Chinatown, but retired early to open his own business in being a detective. As a private investigator, Jake feels the need to understand why he was set up, what is going on with the water in LA. County, why Hollis was murdered and what the relationships are between Hollis, Evelyn, Cross, and the mysterious girl. “He does, however, possess the two indispensable qualities necessary for any traditional private eye. He is deeply cynical about human nature, and he has a personal code and sticks to it” (Ebert 2). This could help us understand why Gittes has to have an answer for everything. He tries to make sense of things that sometimes don’t have a meaning, which is why he is always getting himself into trouble. He is very vulnerable and falls for Cross’s plan to get Gittes to believe that Evelyn and her daughter Katherine are the bad guys, and could arguably be the cause of Evelyn’s death at the end of the film. The genre of Chinatown is film noir, a style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. Most film noir movies are known to be in black and white, however, Polanski did not create the film in black and white. “Chinatown proved once and for all that all noir film does not have to be in black and white. . . This movie reinforced the notion that film noir is more of a state of mind than a function of film stock” (Berardinelli 10). The film also breaks the deceitful femme fatale in most noir films. “lnscrutable for much of the film, she makes it as difficult for us as for Jake to determine what her agenda is, but we have been taught by countless other movies not to trust her. . . Chinatown ultimately reveals that Evelyn is not what she seems to be, nor what we anticipate that she will turn out to be” (6). Polanski defied
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