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(Solved) If you research and understand the meaning of Ethics and Moral you will be able to answer this question.

I need help writing this paper now. I have so many assignment due at the same time. If you research and understand the meaning of Ethics and Moral you will be able to answer this question. Its only 300 words. Thanks!

Review the case scenarios and select one of the three scenarios listed below to write about. Compare the steps typically taken in the ethical decision-making process to the scenario you have selected to write about.

  1. Clearly define the issue.
  2. Determine the facts of the situation.
  3. Determine who the stakeholders are, the values at stake, and the obligations and interests of each stakeholder.
  4. Determine what options are available and evaluate them.
  5. Decide what should be done.
  6. Justify the decision made by identifying reasons that support the decision.
  7. Implement the decision.
  8. Evaluate the outcome of the decision.
  9. Examine how to prevent the issue from recurring.

Write a 300-word paper in APA format outlining the ethical decision-making process you would follow to bring the case to a resolution. Support your answers with referenced information from this week's reading. Be sure to think and identify your options and think about which course of action to pursue, I also suggest you ask the following questions: What are my choices? How do the options compare with one another? What might happen? Who might be affected? How would it make me feel? How would my decision be viewed by other people? What would my supervisor think? How would my coworkers feel? Could I lose my job? Is it honest? Is it ethical? Does it reflect good character? Is it based on sound moral values? How would it affect my reputation? Would it damage the trust others have in me? Would I be respected for my decision? What would a professional do? What does my conscience tell me to do?

Submit your paper to the assignment dropbox

  1. You are a member of a group planning your neighborhood's annual block party. You are charged with creating a flyer describing the party and distributing it, by mail or door-to-door for those neighbors who are unwilling to share an e-mail address. You have over thirty neighbors who will need a flyer. You do not have a copy machine and you will bear the expense of copying the flyer yourself. At your office, there is no security key on the copy machine nor is there a counter that keeps track of the number of copies made by department. You are tempted to make the copies you need using the company copy machine. Your company has a strict policy requiring use of office equipment for business purposes only. What should you do?
  2. You are employed in the Human Resources Department at Anywhere Hospital. Your good friend Kim is applying for a position with Hospital. Kim asks you for advice on how to prepare for an interview. You have access to the interview questions asked of all candidates and know that if Kim had access to the questions, she would be well prepared for an interview. What should you do?
  3. You work in Quality Control. Your department receives new computer equipment as part of a cyclical maintenance plan. Once a year, your department inventories the existing computer equipment that is in working order but is no longer needed and identifies the equipment as excess property. Excess computers are donated to a local elementary school. This year, your department has identified ten computers and peripheral accessories as excess property ready for donation. You are asked to deliver the excess property to the elementary school. In viewing the excess property, you note that the equipment is newer than the equipment you have at your home. You are tempted to switch out your home computer equipment with some of the excess property and then deliver the equipment to a local elementary school. What should you do?


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