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(Solved) Complete the SQL queries in the attached work document using the attached mdf and ldf database. I will only accept an answer if it includes the MDF

Complete the SQL queries in the attached work document using the attached mdf and ldf database. I will only accept an answer if it includes the MDF and log files as altered by test data and the SQL file with the answers to the queries. Thank  you! I need this done by March 1st. 

Homework Review
--1. Show for each actor (id) the number of different movie categories they have appeared in
-- 2. List for each actor (id) the total amount of fees they have earned from comedy and horror
movies released between 2005 and 2016.
-- 3. List the movie details for movies released in 2009 that are of either the horror or fantasy
-- 4. List the #, name and province for every member that is currently renting a DVD copy.
Show each member only once. Sequence by name within province
-- 5. List the details for the actors that have appear in movies released in 2009. Only show each
actor once and sequence by actor name
-- 6. List the member details for all members currently renting movies featuring Adam Sandler.
Sequence by registration date (most recent first)
-- 7. List the oldest date of birth for a living actor
-- 8. Show the count of the total number of movies that Brad Pitt has been cast in
-- 9. List the details of any movies that had more than 5 nominations. Sequence by title within
year of release within category
-- 10. Show for each movie category the average number of awards and nominations for movies
in that category. Only show categories where the average is 4 or more.
-- 11. List the details for the actors that have appeared in any movie with the characters "water"
anywhere in the title. Show each actor only once and sequence alphabetically by name
-- 12. List the details for any movie that has at least 1 copy not out on loan. Show each movie
only once
-- 13. Show a count of the number of DVD copies loaned by each member where that member
has at least 1 loan. Order the output by highest count to lowest
-- 14. List member #s for the members that have more than 2 copies of a horror movie on loan
-- 15. List by category the average fee paid to actors that have appeared in that category's movies
--16. List the movie details for any movies in either the Comedy or the Horror category
--that have also had either Brad Pitt or Adam Sandler appearing in them. --17. Show the total nominations for each movie category for movies released in 2009 where
there were at least 2 released movies in the category
--18. List the details for actors that are appearing in movies rented by members in Toronto. Only
show each actor once and sequence by actor name
--19. List the details for living actors who have appeared in a fantasy movie in 2016
-- 20(i). Write a command to add a new movie to the database
-- 20(ii). Write a command to update that new movie's daily rate by 100%. (Use a formula
expression. Don't calculate and then hard code the new rate)
-- 20(iii).Write a command to delete the new movie
Note: Queries that do not return sufficient data will be marked as wrong
v) All queries must generate some output
Queries with explicit sequencing must return a minimum of 3 rows
An aggregate query must have at least one row of output that is using at least 2 input
rows (e.g. a count of 2, not 0 or 1)
Use column aliases where appropriate.
Suppress duplicate rows where appropriate for output based on your actual data even
if not specifically requested in the question.


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