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(Solved) Supreme Court Case Assignment Choose one of the following cases. Read the Supreme Court opinion, using the link provided below the name of the case.

Q. A simple random sample of size 8 from an infinite population is to be selected. Each possible sample should have?

Q. A company is interested in the ages of its employees. A simple random sample of 25 employees was selected. The following descriptive statistics for their ages were computed: x= 31.5(s^{2}= 12.96)What is a point estimate of the population standard deviation for age?

Q. If we consider the simple random sampling process as an experiment, the sample mean,

, is?

Q.Suppose the salaries of university professors are approximately normally distributed with a mean of $65,000 and a standard deviation of $7,000. If a random sample of size 25 is taken and the mean is calculated, what is the probability that the mean value will be between $62,500 and $64,000?

Q.How many simple random samples of size 10 can be selected from a finite population of size 120?

Q.The CEO of a large corporation is interested in the average salary of all managers for his large corporation. A sample of 500 managers found the average salary to be $42,500. Which of the following statements is correct?

Q.What will happen to the standard error of the sampling distribution ofif the sample size is increased?

Q.Suppose 15 students pass an exam in a class of size 25. If the population proportion of students who pass the exam is 0.65, what is the value of?

Q.From a finite population of 450 clients, a sample of 120 is selected. It is known that the variance of the population is 75. The standard error of the mean is approximately

Q.What does the sampling distribution describe?


Starting salaries of a sample of five management majors along with their genders are shown below.

If we select simple random samples of size 2 from the given data, what is the probability of any of the five employees being selected first?

Supreme Court Case Assignment
Choose one of the following cases. Read the Supreme Court opinion, using the link provided below the
name of the case. If CTRL+Click does not work, cut and paste the link into a new browser window. Some
of the opinions are lengthy, so reading them may take an hour to two hours. After you read the opinion,
write a three-page minimum paper that covers the following questions:
1.) Who are the parties in the case? (Don't just recite the name of the case. Explain who the parties are
and why they are interested in the outcome of the case.)
2.) What does the Court consider to be the main dispute or disputes in the case?
3.) What resolution does the Court reach? What justice writes the majority opinion? What seems to be
the reasoning behind the Court’s decision? What are some of the cases cited by the Court in its decision?
4.) If there are dissenting and concurring opinions, what do they say? Who has written those opinions? If
the decision of the Court is unanimous, please be sure to indicate that the decision is unanimous.
5.) Do you agree or disagree with the result in the majority opinion? Why? If you disagree with the
majority, do you agree with the concurring or dissenting opinions? This is a "closed universe assignment," meaning that you are not to consult outside sources, such as
newspaper articles, websites, or legal journals. Papers using any outside sources, other than a dictionary
or your course textbook, will result in a grade of zero. Clark, et ux. v. Rameker, Trustee, et al.
Walden v. Fiore, et al.
Hillman v. Maretta


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