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(Solved) Good To Great By Jim Collins What Are The Ingredients For Greatness?

I really need help completing this assignment, the assignment must be completed by 4:30 this afternoon. I have enclosed the instructions and a power point describing the portions of good to great needed. I don't however,  have the information about Walgreens which must be researched. There is no length limit however, a limit of 3- 4 pages is requested not including title and reference pages.

Info follows: 

Do you think Walgreen’s is a great company?Write an essay to support your opinion using, identifying, and synthesizing all of the concepts in the book. Each concept should provide your sub-headings for your paper. This is a research-based assignment and should include at least five references with at least three being peer reviewed.

Good To Great
By Jim Collins What Are The Ingredients For Greatness?
In Good to Great, Jim Collins explains why some companies substantially improve from being
average companies to great companies, while others fail to make this transition. He stresses the
urgency of almost any companies requiring substantial change to take the leap and become great
companies. Collins opens his book by stating “good is the enemy of great”, (page 1) this idea is
parallel to “good is never enough”. Most companies focus too much on what they do, and they
do it by following the standard and the tradition of a particular industry. Frequently, however,
these companies do not realize that what they do can ultimately block them on the road to
success. Collins believes that “the good-to-great companies did not focus principally on what to
do to become great; they focused equally on what not to do and what to stop doing”. (page 11)
society is rapidly changing, and the average-companies need to seek a change; what previously
has worked might not work again. Staying hungry, staying foolish, and continuing to improve is
what leads to success.
The good-to-great companies do not need rock-star leaders whose lives move on when
their companies start declining; the good-to-great companies need level five leaders who are
“modest and willful, humble and fearless” (page 12). To exemplify this type of leadership,
Collins uses one of a few level five presidents in the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who never
gave up on his primary ambition of fighting for the equality of every citizen in this nation. This type of leader is known for taking the bull by the horns. Besides personal humility and
professional will, Collins also states that ambition is what leads the successors to success. People
are required to be ambitious if they want to attain a certain level of triumph.
A winning team should value the right people and get rid of the wrong people. In Collins’
language, “the main point is to first get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the
bus) before you figure out where to drive it”. (page 44) It is essential for a team to gather the
right pieces it needs to reach the desired goal. A winning team desires people who are selfconfident, self-motivated, tolerant for uncertainty, and highly energized. To make his point,
Collins states that “six of the eleven good-to-great companies reordered zero layoffs from ten
years before the breakthrough date all the way through 1998, and four others reported only one
or two layoffs”. (page 54) Additionally, Collins suggests that in the process of hiring people, a
person should be analyzed for work ethic, dedication, and professional expertise. When in doubt,
do not hire. The right people might not always move a company forward, but the wrong people
certainly will make the enterprise fail.
Good-to-Great ideas are not only applicable in the business world, but also for any team
or just any one person that wants to achieve more, they are essential, too. In the example of a
high school cross-country running team that Collins provides, if the coaches were not willful and
humble, if they did not make sure everyone on the team was committed and passionate to what
they do, if every team member was not persistent and devoted, the team would not have won the
state championship. It is also meaningful to have Good-to-Great qualities when it comes to one
individual trying to become more competent. In my personal experience, the willingness to strive
for the better and level five leadership have helped me tremendously in shaping my goal and
improving my academics performances. The work that needs to be put in for good to become great is essentially what takes for a student to raise his or her GPA from 3.0 to 3.8. I used to
always think that a GPA of 3.0 was good enough until I realized that I was not giving my best.
Good is the enemy of great. If I am satisfied with average accomplishments, then I will never
Good to Great, the change has been called. This book is essential for anyone who intends to
become an entrepreneur, manager, leader, or simply involved in business at all. The tools offered
by the author are useful and practical. For example, the advice that he gives about needing level
five leaders is absent in a lot of companies. Many CEOs are just sitting at the top and setting
goals for their employees to accomplish, but that is not what a great company needs. The level
five leaders are more concerned about what they can contribute, create, and build more than
anybody else in the corporation. Everyone can transform from good to great, not just the CEOs.
For many people, the question is, “How do I make this transition from good to great?” Do not
worry about it. Focus on the right things, be the right people on a winning team. Each individual
on this planet can take their own area of work or study and concentrate on moving toward great.


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