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(Solved) Final Paper Instructions A. Topic Selection: You are to research a topic of interest in the area of criminal justice. Select a topic within the first...

Final Paper. Instructions are attached. Please see attached document.

Final Paper Instructions
A. Topic Selection:
You are to research a topic of interest in the area of criminal justice. Select a topic within the first
or second week of this course and notify me what it will be. There are many potential topics that
are presented in the text. It is expected that your paper will take that topic deeper and utilize
other resources (scholarly journals or publications) all of which you can access via BVU library.
Websites are not considered scholarly publications. Possible topics are many, however some
popular ones may be Racial Profiling, Deadly Force, Police Suicide, Juvenile Waivers, Prison
Violence, Prison Overcrowding, Death Penalty, 3 Strikes Police, Sentencing Guidelines, Efficacy
of Parole or Probation, Indeterminate Sanctions, Use of Technology in Supervision, etc. There
are really so many if you take the time to look through your text. B. Length of Paper:
Your paper will be a minimum of 7–typed, double-spaced pages. You are to have 1 inch margins
on all sides. Use 12–point font for the typeset. You must also include a bibliography or reference
page with your paper. Reference pages and title pages are not included in the page count. C. References:
You must use at least 4 references. These references may be books or journals (including online
scholarly journals). You may include reputable websites (e.g., government websites, professional
association websites) as references; however, these do not count towards the 4 references
required. Note that user-controlled websites like Wikipedia are NOT appropriate for this (or other
academic) assignment. The textbook (Schmalleger) can be cited but cannot count towards the 4
references. D. Citing Your Sources:
If you take information from another source (the textbook, a scholarly journal article, an
encyclopedia, a website, etc.) you must give the authors proper credit for using their ideas and
writing. This means that you need to cite the source (in APA format, using both in-text citations
as well as a reference list) even if you do not use direct quotations. Any information that is not
your own thought should be cited. Note that if you do use direct quotations, you must also give
the author credit for using their words – by using quotation marks in addition to appropriate
citations. Please also note that you should not rely heavily on verbatim text in the final paper –
quotations are fine to supplement the material you are presenting, but should complement your
own paraphrasing.
Plagiarism is the intentional presentation of another person's works as though it were you own.
Acts of plagiarism are considered a violation of ethical standards of behavior. Plagiarized papers will receive a score of zero. You must give credit to authors of all the material you use in your
paper. You can do this through the use of citations or quotations. There are a number of examples
throughout your text on how to properly document the sources you use to write your paper.
Failure to properly cite your sources will have a severe impact on your paper score.
All papers will be submitted to a plagiarism detection source. Those papers which have been
plagiarized will receive a score of zero. E. General Comments:
Please proof read your papers before you turn them in. Your paper will be evaluated on your
spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Remember, spell checkers do not check for proper word
usage. They only check for spelling errors. F. General Format for the Paper:
1. Introduction
a. Identify your topic.
b. State why you chose the particular topic.
2. Body
a. Define the topic and issue.
b. This description must be comprehensive and must give enough detail that the
reader can get a true understanding of your topic.
c. Discuss why this topic is important in criminal justice and what the main issues
are for the parties involved (states, governments, society, etc.).
d. Include detailed information about your topic that you found from outside
resources that added to your knowledge beyond what was in your textbook.
e. Possibly share what some States or the Federal government, or agencies are doing
about your topic, if anything, and share what the outcomes have been or are hoped
to be.
3. Summarize the information you learned/found about your topic
a. Discuss and summarize any solutions (potential or otherwise) or issues, programs,
etc. you discovered during your research.
b. Discuss future implications if appropriate to your topic. 4. Conclusions
a. Summarize what you have learned about your topic
b. Briefly write other general ideas, opinions, or observations that you may have
about your topic.


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