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(Solved) iLab Overview Scenario/Summary Welcome to your lab! Each week, you will be asked to complete a lab that will give you a chance to practice with a new...

Here is ilab work attach as file. thanks so much. please check and let me know if u have more question.

iLab Overview
Scenario/Summary •
• Welcome to your lab!
Each week, you will be asked to complete a lab that will give
you a chance to practice with a new technique or tool.
Although the activity will be different each week, the labs will
always follow the same standard format. The purpose of this
lab is to give you hands-on experience with the environment
so that you can concentrate on the cases you will be given in
the weeks ahead and hit the ground running! At the end of
this lab, you will be able to do the following.
Get access to the environment
Fill out a Forensic Lab Report
Take screenshots
Know how to get additional information
We have a lot to do, so let's begin! Required Software
• This Lab will use the following Lab Resources:
Virtual Lab - Skillsoft
. Lab Steps
STEP 1: Download Necessary
• Please download a copy of the following documents from the
silver tab labeled Doc Sharing.
Forensic Lab Report: This is a template of the lab report that
you will hand in each week.
FTK Manual: This is the manual for AccessData's FTK tool
that we will be using in several labs in this course. Take a look at these documents and familiarize yourself with
the information that is within them. Keep these documents in
a place on your computer where you will have quick access
to them during your labs. STEP 2: Instructions for Taking
In order to complete the labs, you will need to submit
screenshots. To capture a screenshot, simultaneously press
the Alt and PrtScn (print screen) keys on your keyboard. This
will copy the current screen to your clipboard. Open your text
document and then simultaneously press the Ctrl and V keys
on your keyboard. This will paste the screenshot into your
document. You will be asked several times during this class
and throughout the course to take screenshots of your work
and paste them into your forensic lab report. STEP 3: Filling out the Forensic Lab
Report 1
4 5 Make a copy of the Forensic Lab Report that you
downloaded and call it yournameLab1.doc and save it in a
place where you will be able to find it quickly. This document
will be what you hand in for credit for labs. Here is the proper
way to fill out your Forensic Lab Report each week:
Your name: Put your name here.
Date of Investigation: Put the date you complete the lab
Lab Number and Title: Put the lab number and title here. In
this case it will read Lab 1-Logging in to the Environment.
Summary of Findings: After you complete each case, you will
present a summary of your findings of the investigation. If a
judge or another investigator reads this, he or she should
know exactly what you found out during your investigation.
Details of the Investigation: In this section, you need to list
each step that you took during your investigation. Each entry 6 needs to include the date, time, day of week, and summary
of the event. Think of this section as a diary of how you
conducted your investigation. This log may be used in court.
Answers to Questions: There are several questions in each
lab. You will include the answers to your questions here,
including screenshots where appropriate. The questions are
listed below.
Now that you understand how to fill out the report, fill in the
first three sections and let us begin our lab! STEP 4: Accessing the Virtual Lab
Environment and Scheduling the Lab • •
• • Let's access the lab! The lab environment can be entered by
clicking on the Connect to the iLab Here button in the top
right-hand corner of this page.
In this module you will be working on the following
equipment to carry out the steps defined in each exercise.
Each exercise will detail which console you are required to
work on to carry out the steps.
To start, simply click on the named server from the device list
(located on the left-hand side of the screen) and click the
power on from the tools bar. In some cases the devices may
power on automatically.
During the boot-up process, an activity indicator will be
displayed in the name tab.
Black: powered off
Orange: working on your request
Green: ready to access
If the remote console is not displayed automatically in the
main window (or popup) click the Connect icon located in the
tools bar to start your session.
If the remote console does not appear, please try the
following option.
Switch between the HTML 5 and Java client versions in the tools bar.
In the event that this does not resolve your connectivity
problems, please visit our help and support pages for
additional resolution options.
Task 1: Take a screenshot of the home page after you enter
the lab environment and put it in your Forensic Lab Report. STEP 5: Access Data's FTK
One of the tools that we will be working with is Access Data's
FTK. You have just downloaded a copy of the manual for the
tool. Now is a very good time to familiarize yourself with its
functions and features. Please briefly review the manual,
answer the following question, and put it in your forensic
Task 2: Name three ways FTK can make your investigation
easier. Please include examples from a hypothetical crime to
help illustrate your point. STEP 6: Summary of Findings
Each week, you will be asked to provide an executive
summary of the case and your findings. Anyone unfamiliar
with your case should be able to read this section and
quickly come up to speed on your basic findings and
For the Summary of Findings section in your Forensic Lab
Report this week, please visit and summarize how
this tool works. You will use this tool for steganography
analysis in Lab 5. STEP 7: Details of Investigation
The documentation process is very important during a
forensic analysis. A broken chain of custody could get your
case thrown out of court. Each week, you will be asked to
fully document the steps you take during your investigation
and hand it in as part of your Forensic Lab Report. For the Details of Investigation section this first week, please
outline the basic steps you should take when embarking on
an investigation. Include everything that you feel will be
important to include in your report each week. STEP 8: Finish your Report
Once you are happy with your documentation and you are
ready to hand it in, find the dropbox labeled Week 1: Lab and
put your Forensic Lab Report in the dropbox.
Congratulations on a successful first lab, investigator! STEP 9: Summary
• In this lab, you completed the following exercises.
Access to the environment
Schedule lab time
Fill out a Forensic Lab Report
Take screenshots
Know how to get additional information


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