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(Solved) 1 Op-Ed Ending terrorism through deporting Teacher comment to this paper: After a brief look at your paper, I can suggest: 1) be sure to identify

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1 Op-Ed
Ending terrorism through deporting
Teacher comment to this paper: After a brief look at your paper, I can suggest:
1) be sure to identify your audience – what journal/blog/paper would you submit
this to? 2) summarizing the 7 ways security & surveillance article. Your paper
should not read as a research article. 3) Be sure to wrap up your paper with some
solutions to the problem and a call to action. The yellow highlighted are taking from the rubrics for guidance.
Relevance: Op-ed addresses a timely and relevant issue that has a societal impact.
America has never been the same since the terrorist attack in 2001.
Deportation has increased tremendously since 9/11. According to the American
Immigration Council, deportation shows a shift from 1.6 million a decade before
9/11, to 2.3 million in the decade after. A decade before 9/11, there were 88
deportations on terrorism grounds and only 37 in the decade after. America has
dedicated a lot of resources by deporting immigrants in the aim of ending
terrorism. 2 However, there have been various methods that have been implemented to
solve terrorism. Apex CCTV has an article titled Ways security and surveillance
has to chance since September 11. 2001. They include;
The USA Patriot Act: The Patriot Act took place soon after the 911 Attack. Such
Acts enable investigators to implement plans that were already in existence for
others crimes such as drug trafficking.
Telephone Wire Tapping: According to the article, federal government agencies
are now able to listen and record phone conversations at any given time.
Email tracking: Just like phone calls, the federal government can access emails at
any time. Internet Surveillance.
Internet Activity Surveillance: The government is allowed to track all interment
activity, including one’s social media.
Banking and credit card: The government can and may access one’s bank
history if the government has any suspicion activity.
Airport Security Increase: Passing through security at airports has become
much difficult than it used to be. For example, one did not take his/her shoes off
until after 9/11. 3 Persuasiveness: Paper enlightens the reader to a social problem and creates a
compelling image of why change is necessary. Paper considers multiple
stakeholder perspectives
America has become a place of fear and lack of trust. The country does not
feel safe anymore. A photo representing America’s fear went viral on social media.
A Muslim was taking a “selfie” while waiting for his flight to depart, his friend
who was also Muslim seating behind him put his thumb up as a friendly sign. The
‘selfie’ shows the person behind with a face expression of fear and worry. Muslim
families are bullied because they “look like” terrorist. The reason is because there
is a big misconception on how terrorist look and where they come from
specifically. After 9/11 there have been other terrorist attacks such as the one in
Paris and Belgium. How can one predict when or who is behind these horrific
events? The answer is sadly the same as it was in 2001. Even though there have
been regulations and laws to help prevent terrorism, it is impossible for the
government to provide a permanent solution to this problem.
Research Thread: Paper communicates author’s research and
understanding of the issue. A poor paper states only opinions and is not supported
by facts 4 “Regardless of airport protocol and its rampant inequality and prejudice
plaguing America’s security system, there has been a shift in the American psyche
in how it views the Middle East and how it treats individuals within the United
States who have Middle Eastern heritage and affiliation. “Islamophobia” has swept
across the country with a new vigor—directly related to the “national security”
reforms, such as the “Faces of Global Terrorism” poster decorating airports across
the country” (Al Waref Institute, 2017)
Composition: Paper integrates a problem statement (introduction),
supported argument (body), and positional conclusion (take a stand) with
recommendations (conclusion).
Regardless of the effort authorities is making to help stop terrorism through legal
actions, the root of the problem goes deeper than reinforcing the implementation of
legal actions. Maulana Sahab says that terrorism will persist in one form or another
until the ideology of violence is countered with another ideology based on peace.
The Violence Ideology
A major reason behind terrorism has to do with a group of Muslim and their
Islamic ideology of establishing the Islamic rule in the world. This idea did not 5 develop until the last few centuries and was not current at the time of Prophet
The Peace Ideology
According to Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Research on Islam at its original
sources “the Quran and Hadith” that the political interpretation of Islam is an
alteration and the true Islam ideology by Prophet Muhammad “is based on peace,
compassion and tolerance” (CPS International)
The deportations of immigrants who had criminal violation were higher
before 9/11 than it is now. The statics shows that the number of justified
immigrant’s deportation was greater before 9/11 than it is now. Good hard workers
immigrants are being deported because of the misconception that all immigrants
bring danger to the country.
Form: Op-Ed has a provocative title. Paper is 750-words (max). There are
no spelling or grammatical errors. Writing avoids clichés and jargon; writing
targets the appropriate audience level.
Terrorism is a big problem not only in the United States but also many other
nations. The United States have dedicated a lot of resources to end terrorism to
various countries. It has also implemented policies like the deportation of illegal 6 terrorism to ensure minimal terror threats on its soil. Terrorism is an evil act and
needs to end. Sources
American Immigration Council 7


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