(Solved) I have this course project to submit asap, have no idea on how to start.it is from GSP115 WEEK 7 PROJECT COURSE.

I have this course project to submit asap, have no idea on how to start...it is from GSP115 WEEK 7 PROJECT COURSE.help please

Week 7

Week 7 Overview

Each student will implement one additional game feature of his or her choice. We will discuss how this game could be implemented using classes.

Week 7 Activity

During Week 7, you should plan and implement at least one additional game feature to the Course Project. Don’t spend the entire week planning; you should allow at least a week for coding, and the final code submission must be made by Wednesday of Week 8. Your planning document, which is due at the end of Week 7, should include a description of the changes you will make and include pseudocode for the section of the code you are changing. Also, you should submit a game design document (modified from what is in this document) that describes the finished game and game play.

Week 7 Deliverables

  1. [Due by Sunday—end of Week 7] Submit your planning documents, which are a description of your addition to the project, an updated design document, and pseudocode for your changes.
  2. [Due by Wednesday of Week 8] Zip a copy of the two files (the .cpp and the .h files), and name the zipped folder yourLastName_GSP115_Course_Project_Final.zip.


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