(Solved) Imagine that 1 Santa Ala wind nrli'um II anker an 3. high phtu in southern lJtIh. Mr umpmllre II II": particular me In an "F. 'rhul...

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QH-M. Imagine that 1 Santa Ala
wind nrlfli‘um II flanker an 3.
mm: high phtfiu in southern
lJtIh. Mr umpmllre II II":
particular «me In an “F. 'rhul :IIr
W II I mars: “FILM It Is
Ildesaends lam level filo-g lht
mramln mlst. Whfi is Iln- lem-
perllur: (II “It III-Ind ranking NIH-ll
Cnflrnmll'.’ Eumlum Cflil‘nml: surfer: fll'fll In
beaches lining hula Amwhnds m an.
jay umhly warm Miner. unrulyI
bu 11ml swim wuicr m-pfisinjly WM. QH—lfi. Whuli The Irrl'I-‘ll of: hill
Slain An:- Whul produm a rilllllg
III' mlslul Flt-H1:- III-II"? HIM ran
l'hls be? Hint? The lmi'wrr Io Ihk
qlfillfll‘l ls pnvldrd by In: IISI vol
I!“ I'hlr models fur vernal] circula-
flun niaelwmrr shown In retina R, Giannini ocean clfiufafbn. Fun 1-H}. Mr mm phi-mud on sum mrmm adJu
1hr exhlllll Nlflifllf weal: War pumgmcikm. I'Ifli hob:
arm: I:II' millilmt. lemm FJfll-T I4—fi lhu wkflprrmrrxfi
W. Wilt ill-lbw: dinning un- a mic nl' Ward: nl' millillars. 5'. Global annomfieric circulation. A3 in In“: nil-mug,I ma. Ihe beating ul‘ air mum ill In 11pm
HEB 6m. Whit“ must: i! It! m—difi-‘phfiiflg Eli-filth MUN l1:
I'ml'l'lllfill‘l. kflfiwfllfi mvuum. Fifi-I hill-flit Mum Ill-ll lit-1.1:
mun pmblun vul' uneven hurling wihhin mullisluqr hum The gun‘shca‘l iii run-.1! al'l‘eaivn in wanting Erica:-
mm in equawrinl resin-u. an air mnmm rim: ail lmk Min-dams! sink in vii-Hr film (Fifi. Iii-IS}. This simpi: :Ltcuilulim is called :1 Hulk-11' nihmmud I'm Guam: MIL-y
HESS—THE]. h.- Bruish physicist wlm firs! :n'rir-ilmnd 1h: muchanian. QM-lfi. 011 “It Answtr Pant,
shalcli I-Ildlun'y talk I‘m “In albu-
1hm quadrants on “his two-
dlmemlnla'l map. Emu I441 Hauler MEI _-'


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