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(Solved) kay Paper #1 Outline Worksheet What problem do you see younger people encounter in the education system or in society that impacts their ability to

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kay Paper #1 Outline Worksheet
What problem do you see younger people encounter in the education system or in society
that impacts their ability to successful (academically, financially, or in life)?
One problem I see young people encounter in the education system is Standardized
testing in schools. I think standardized testing can become torturous to the minds of those
only living in a world of testing all the time.
How could that problem be eliminated or improved? Is there a realistic solution or
improvement that can be made?
If standardized testing is eliminated in place of that students shoud have a porfolio based
assessment so each student can work on strengths /challenges they face academically
instead of taking a test repeatedly.
What change in the education system or law are you proposing?
To ban standardized testing
Explain 3 to 5 key benefits of this proposed change:
1. less anxiety for students
2. A liberal education
3.students can set their own standards
Now, you will craft a thesis statement that will combine some of the above elements. What
change in the education system or law are you proposing AND what are the key reasons in
support of that position? The answer to this question will be your THESIS STATEMENT:
(Do not write your entire introductory paragraph here. Just write the thesis statement itself)
Standardized testing should be eliminated from the education system because this is
Standardized testing should be eliminated from schools. Eliminating standardized testing has its
benefits such as reducing anxiety for students, increasing liberal education, and creating the
opportunity for students to set individual standards.
Thesis Statement Checklist: Don't use 1st person within your thesis. Don't phrase your thesis as a question. Make sure that your thesis statement is no longer than 2 sentences in length. Make sure that you're not stating a fact or an obvious observation. Make sure that your thesis statement is specific and detailed. Your
thesis statement needs to be nuanced or detailed enough so that it can
discussed usefully in at least 3 body paragraphs without becoming
Therefore, it is likely that you will need at least 3 key
"reasons" for your position to be
listed within the thesis
statement itself. Make
sure that the "reasons" listed within your thesis can be
supported with
logical reasoning, not appeals to religious beliefs
and/or personal feelings. You need to develop at least 3 body paragraphs that directly connect to the points made within
your thesis. Therefore, you should first craft those topic sentences. Each of these topic sentences
should directly connect to some point mentioned within the thesis statement itself.
Topic Sentence #1:
Standardized testing can cause many students to have anxiety when they are cramming a load
of information at one time. These tests can make a student feel overwhlemed with recalling all the
information at once, and schools usually start focusing on these core subjects only when testing
season comes around.
Topic Sentence #2:
In addition to reducing anxiety, eliminating standardized tests increases the opportunity for more
liberal education. Liberal education provides students with broad knowledge of the world in areas
of science, culture, and society as well as studying specific interest students may enjoy. Topic Sentence #3:
Finally, liberal education leads to students being able to set their own standards and having the
freedom to work and learn at their own pace.
Topic Sentence Checklist: Generally,
phrasing apply all the same concepts regarding thesis statements to the
of these topic sentences. Make
sure that each topic sentence clarifies a specific point supporting the
position identified in your thesis. Each
topic sentence should clearly connect back to something mentioned within
the thesis statement itself so as to be directly supporting that thesis
statement. You
may need more than 3 body paragraphs. That is merely the suggested
minimum requirement, so feel free to add additional topic sentences as


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