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(Solved) Coca Cola is flowing into the Cloud! Brian Shipman Kenya Spratt Dexter White BMGT 487 7380 Project Management Professor Mitchell Richard 02/28/2017...

I need major help with the following assignment. the instructions are described below as well as attached. Please ensure you follow the rubric and instructions. TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT YOU MUST DOWNLOAD PROJECTLIBRE AVAILABLE AT:



Create a project charter.

Step 1:  Project Libre

Before you start the project, access Project Libre to ensure there is no problem with using the tool.

ProjectLibre - Compatible with either Windows or Mac computers.

Note: There are two options for the software found at this link.  Choose the second option, which is ProjectLibre, as the cloud option provides a very limited trial. 

Read the grading rubric for the assignment.  Use the grading rubric while writing the paper to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.

Step 3:  Project Schedule

Students will develop a comprehensive project schedule

Task 1:  Include at least five milestones and at least 10 tasks for each milestone.

Task 2:  Ensure milestones and tasks are properly sequenced using predecessors.

Task 3:  Assign human resources, task durations, and cost estimates to each task and ensure natural roll up to the milestone level

Once again, please thoroughly read through the instructions and rubric that are attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Coca Cola is flowing into the Cloud!
Brian Shipman
Kenya Spratt
Dexter White
BMGT 487 7380 Project Management
Professor Mitchell Richard
02/28/2017 Introduction
Now that objectives have been identified and the way to achieve those
objectives, all key players need to be identified for a successful transition to
Microsoft Office 365. To do this, an organizational chart must be developed.
The organizational chart helps to identify and recruit individuals that have a
direct impact on the success of the project. The organizational chart also
helps specify roles and areas of responsibility to determine how they will
interact with each other throughout the project lifecycle. By creating an
effective organizational chart the project of migrating to Microsoft Office 365
will meet the goals of Coca-Cola and ensure project success. Organizational Chart Position Descriptions
• ● Project Sponsor / CIO
• ○ The Project Sponsor / CIO is the the executive sponsor of the project. This individual noticed there was a
need for a change and had the authority to make that
change happen (the ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ The CIO is the head of the IT organization and will speak directly to the top-level executives regarding this
project and the pros/cons of migrating the organization’s email to Office 365.
• ● Project Lead / IT Manager
• ○ The Project Director is tasked with assuming executive authority over the project (the ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ This position has the power to approve or disapprove all decisions over this project with oversight by the CIO
(the ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ This position will report directly to the CIO with regards to status and major issues to this project.
• ● Project Manager
• ○ The Project Manager covers the day-to-day responsibility of the project (the ePMbook, 2016). Though
this position is filled by the consulting firm assisting with
the project, they report directly to the Project Director and Project Sponsor.
• ○ This position controls the human resources assigned to the project (the ePMbook, 2016).
• ● IT Security Lead
• ○ Oversees the operations of the security solutions and implementation
• ○ Oversees security vulnerabilities and making final assessment
• ○ Establishes security policy procedures and training • ○ This position will attend all meetings, as to be the liaison between the IT security team and the project team.
• ● IT Infrastructure Lead
• ○ Manage the company’s data and implement up-to- date solutions across the IT infrastructure
• ○ Work with IT Team and executives to propose improvements to infrastructure and report progress
• ○ Responsible for making sure the network infrastructure and associated programs run seamlessly and
perform as a solid platform for its intended purpose
• ○ This position will attend all meetings, as to be the liaison between the IT systems admins and the project
• ● Help Desk Lead • ○ The Help Desk Lead supervises the organization’s help desk team assigned to the project.
• ○ This position will attend all meetings, as to be the liaison between the help desk and the project team.
• ● Senior IT Security Analyst
• ○ Responsible for assessing information risk and facilitates remediation of identified vulnerabilities for IT
security and IT risk across the enterprise.
• ○ Reports on findings and recommendations for corrective action
• ○ Performs vulnerability assessments using IT software and security tools
• ○ Identifies opportunities to reduce security risks • ○ This position is the Solution Architect of the IT security environment, as the position requires an individual
with expert knowledge of IT security systems, specifically
this organizations.
• ● Junior IT Security Analyst
• ○ Assist in planning, management and execution of vulnerability and risk assessments.
• ○ Research, track, and report security threats and potential vulnerabilities.
• ○ Provide assistance and subject matter expertise in IT security
• ○ Configure, monitor, and maintain virus protection software
• ○ This position a Computer Operations Analyst, as they specifically deal with the live operations of the
organization’s IT security, by monitoring firewalls, network
access, and anti virus/malware systems (the ePMbook,
• ● Senior IT Systems Admin
• ○ Diagnose and correct e-mail systems issues. • ○ Configure and troubleshoot software and hardware enhancements and upgrades
• ○ Lead system administrators to manage server and e- mail systems
• ○ This position is the Solution Architect of the current on-premises e-mail environment, as the position requires
expert knowledge in the how the organization’s email
environment is setup.
• ○ This position will provide documentation to the project team in regards to how the on-premises e-mail
system is setup.
• ● Junior IT Systems Admin
• ○ Administer and maintain system support • ■ Test, Troubleshoot, Diagnose, and resolve all problems
• ○ Provide timely technical support • ○ This position is a Computer Operations Analyst, as they specifically deal with the technical operations of the
organization’s server environment. (the ePMbook, 2016).
• ● Senior Help Desk Technician
• ○ Provide professional service and advice to users. • ○ Analyze problems, identify, and create solutions for users.
• ○ Monitor performance, make recommendations to junior staff (Automatic Data Processing INC., 2017).
• ● Junior Help Desk Technician
• ○ Provide service to employees for basic software support.
• ○ Configure and reset network access. • ○ Process coordination with program setup, installation, and updates.
• ● ○ Provide training to end users. Senior Office 365 Engineer
• ○ The Senior Office 365 Engineer is a “Solution Architect” for the Office 365 migration project, as they
have the responsibility for the “big picture” (the ePMbook, 2016). The senior engineer is also the team lead for the
consulting group’s Office 365 Engineers/Migration
• ○ The Senior Office 365 Engineer position will be part of every meeting with the customer to provide technical
background that is required.
• ○ This position is extremely well versed in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.
• ● Junior Office 365 Engineer
• ○ The Junior Office 365 Engineer is a “Technical Architect” for the Office 365 migration project.
• ○ This position is a specialist in defining the technical components required for an Office 365 migration and is
responsible in authoring technical architectural documents
(the ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ This position is well versed in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.
• ● Migration Specialist
• ○ The migration specialist is a “Process Specialist” for the Office 365 migration project, as they are considered to
be an expert in running the migration process (the
ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ The migration specialist is charged with the following duties:
• ■ Run Pre-Migration Checks before a mailbox is migrated.
• ■ Build migration jobs • ■ Monitor migration jobs • ■ Run Post-Migration task after each migration • ■ Send a daily migration report to the project manager with success, failures, and issues.
• ● Project Coordinator
• ○ The Project Coordinator provides support to the Project Manager and to the overall Project Team. The
Project Coordinator will schedule all meetings, track the
detailed plan, manage documentation, and prepare reports
(the ePMbook, 2016).
• ● Communication & Training Specialist
• ○ The Communication & Training Specialist is charged with managing, creating, and publishing all communication
that will be sent out in regards to the Office 365 migration
project. This position will exploit a range of
communications media to achieve their communication
goals (the ePMbook, 2016).
• ○ This position will identify and publish training requirements for end-users, help desk staff, and administrators (the ePMbook, 2016). While this position
will author some training documents, it will rely on the
engineering staff to assist with the content creation.
• ● Microsoft Premier Engineer
• ○ The Microsoft Premier Engineer shares the Solution Architect position with the Senior Office 365 Engineer.
• ○ This position is filled directly by Microsoft, with an individual that has the ability to contact back-end support
resources from Microsoft.
Migrating an organization to Office 365, is usually seamless to the enduser, minus a few technical issues. However, looking at the human
resources that are required for such a project, proves that this project is
anything but seamless. Migrating an organization such as Coca Cola will
require a lot of highly skilled individuals to ensure the transition goes as
smoothly as possible. The team will include individuals from the IT Security
team, IT Systems Admin team, the Help Desk team, and a group of
consultants that specialize in migrating organizations to Office 365. With email being one of the most critical business applications, downtime of any
kind can cause massive issues for the business at hand. An important part of
a project is to ensure the proper human resources are in place. Creating an
organizational chart with descriptions of each position will make the task of
assigning proper human resources much easier for the organization. References
Automatic Data Processing INC., 2017. Retrieved from
The Coca Cola Company. (2016). 2015 10-K form. Retrieved from
The ePMbook. (2016). “Communication”. Retrieved from
Shipman, B. (2017, March). Phone interview with C Markovits


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