(Solved) Compose an original research paper (5 to 7 pages) on the following topic: Aristotle believed that "rhetoric is the counterpart of dialectic.

Compose an original research paper (5 to 7 pages) on the following topic:

Aristotle believed that "rhetoric is the counterpart of dialectic." Outline Aristotle's definition of rhetoric as it relates to dialectic (you may want to revisit the chart on page 71 in the Herrick text), and identify the role rhetoric plays in our present-day political process. Incorporate a brief discussion of Aristotle's three species of rhetoric (Aristotle, pp. 46-51), and address ethical and social responsibility as they relate to justice.

To support your observations, you should include at least three references. You may use the required texts for the course, the supplemental articles and speeches, or any other source that supports your analysis.

Should you have any questions regarding the parameters of this paper, contact your instructor immediately for clarification.

Note: Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service, to check for originality. Therefore, please be careful to attribute facts, ideas, and quotations in your paper to their original sources.

Research and Composition Guidelines

All papers must adhere to the guidelines below.

Format - papers shall include all of the following elements (not counted toward required 5-7 pages of body text):

      • title page (name, date, course title/section and instructor's name, and paper title)
      • an abstract
      • page numbers
      • properly formatted parenthetical references and "References" list

Grading Rubric - use the following rubric as a guide when drafting your paper (your instructor will use it to grade your paper):

Midterm Research Paper Rubric (PDF)

Citing Sources - a few general rules-of-thumb as regards citing sources:

If you are providing specifics such as defined terminology (as in "logos", "pathos" and "ethos"), you would first introduce/define them as terms in quotes, cite the source of that definition (whether direct quote or paraphrase), then you may omit the quotes as you refer to the terms in the balance of your paper. If you are providing a definition or belief unique to an individual (here, Aristotle), you must cite the source of that information.

If you supply substantive dates, theories, data, definition, situational narrative, etc., specific to and gleaned from an outside source, you must cite the source of that information. Please keep in mind that even if you find a copy of "Protagoras" online, you should cite from the assigned class text whenever possible, not from an online source.

n short, any time you make an assertion or provide specifics on behalf of, or credited to another individual, you must cite where you obtained that information, even when you paraphrase.

Your in-text citation might look something like:

        1. According to Herrick, the Sophist’s mastery and practice of persuasion brought… (p. 38).
        2. Indeed, the Sophists were perceived as a “dangerous element” (Herrick, p. 38), a view that was furthered by Plato in his...

Every in-text citation must correspond to a “References” entry:

Herrick, J. A. (2013). The history and theory of rhetoric: An introduction (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education.

Research and Documentation - all papers shall follow the APA standard guidelines, including font style and size, spacing, and margins, for research and documentation. You are encouraged to purchase an APA style manual; however, you may also find assistance in Academic Resources in the Start Here section of the course and online. Proper documentation of sources is critical in preparing papers for this course. Papers without proper documentation shall be returned for revision.


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