(Solved) Running head: Writing Assignment 2 1 Writing Assignment 2 Melissa Veach University of Missouri February 4, 2017 Writing Assignment 2 2 1. According...


In the last couple of weeks you’ve been thinking about the global dimensions of THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION .            http://www.who.int/en/

This week I’d like for you to focus on its community (local) dimensions. With that in mind, respond to the following questions:

  1. Identify a specific community (local) context within which your organization is working. What are some significant features of the local culture (Connerley & Pedersen, 2005)?
  2. Describe a specific change (e.g. knowledge transfer initiative) being implemented by your organization to address a global issue within this local context (Tenkasi & Mohrman, 1999).
  3. In your opinion, what multicultural skills are needed for effective action across organizational boundaries in this cultural context (Connerley & Pederson, 2005)? How does your organization adapt its change efforts to the local context?
  4. Add any additional information that you think is important for understanding the glocal context of this organization.

To receive full points (25) for this assignment you should do the following:

  1. Submit the assignment by the deadline.
  2. Fully respond to the prompts (10 points).
  3. Incorporatethree to four key conceptsfrom the Week 2-3 readings into your assignment andprovide a citation for each one. Be sure that you are applying the concepts in a way that makes sense and illustrates the meaning of the concepts (10 points).
  4. Ensure that your writing is coherent, error free, meets style expectations, is between 750 and 1,000 words in length, anddoes not contain quotes(5 points).

USE MUST USE THESE REFERENCES TO WRITE THE PAPER * I can give you access to the books once you accept assignment*
Connerley and Pedersen (2005) - CHAPTER 

Running head: Writing Assignment 2 1 Writing Assignment 2
Melissa Veach
University of Missouri
February 4, 2017 Writing Assignment 2 2 1. According to Connerley & Pedersen (2005), any organization should have organized
business processes that imply step-by-step implementation. It is critically important to
mention that the actual definition of business process can be applied to any
organizations, including non-profitable one. For this research a non-profit
organization was chosen that is aimed to protect women from violence and discuss
their vulnerability. According to the concept of public relations and journalism, mass
communication is the forth force and that is why PR has a massive weight to have an
instance impact on women vulnerability. Due to up-to-date technologies, such as
social media marketing, YouTube video service and other Internet-tools, any specific
community can work within its narrow topic. For instance, this case is devoted to
domestic violence mostly women.
To emphasize on organized business process even when it comes to non-profit
organization, World Health Organization has claimed a scaled report for funds, clubs
and other non-profit get-togethers to help each of them understand the nature of
business processes from the beginning. According to WHO (2017), one of the biggest
problems for this type of organizations as the ones do not take their activity as
scheduled process and that is why it often results in shutting down.
To emphasize on some significant features of the local culture, one should understand,
even though the main case is devoted to American women, all of them were born and
raised in different countries and in different time. There is no matter about woman’s
age or skin color — the only thing an organization should care is how to help that
woman, how to give this person a hand forgetting about all biases. However, one
should note it is critically important to keep in mind all human beings are different
and all of them need a special approach. The aim of the organization is to look for this
approach and help women to escape violence and vulnerability. Writing Assignment 2 3 2. To address a global issue within the local context, a specific change should be
described. There are many women who are afraid to leave their home because of no
place to go. It is one of them most relevant questions when it comes to vulnerability
of women. When it comes to a specific change with the help of organization,
knowledge transfer initiative is being implemented to fill the informational gap
between women and people who abuse them. According to Tenkasi and Mohrman
(1999), psychological back up must be a primary goal if the case is tied up with
vulnerability and violence. In addition, according to WHO (2014), such SOS-places
are not meant to be non-profitable: women’s clubs, coworkings, get-together spots,
sports clubs and other places they can share their thoughts about vulnerability do a lot
of good and help to ease their psychological tense.
To summarize, the organization is able to address both informational issues for mass
as well as provide individual psychological session to help each woman.
3. When it comes to multicultural specific skills that are needed for effective action
across organizational boundaries in the cultural content, language is one of the most
important issues. It is hard to overrate the importance of mastering foreign languages
as well as neuro-programming. The one can be implemented only if an organizational
behavior implies mastering at least one foreign language.
According to WHO (2012), women’s vulnerability does not differ in various countries
all over the world. It does not matter about skin color, age, social status or place of
birth — many women are afraid to leave home if they are under their husband’s
harassment, many young women are afraid to show their will (when it comes to East
countries), there are also many female persons who are still to be slaves (they got to
be slaves when they got into immigration). To come back to multicultural skills
people should have to communicate about women’s vulnerability, it’s not only English Writing Assignment 2 4 language, open-mind, but kindness, a strong desire to help people, a firm aim to
change something in the women’s vulnerability conjuncture. It is not an exception
when many of women who have already got though harassment and vulnerability,
become those persons who have women which come though the same problems in the


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