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(Solved) 1. The mass density of an object is 13.8 g/cc, and its volume is determined to be 33.2 cc. What is the mass of the object? 2. The mass density of an

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1. The mass density of an object is 13.8 g/cc, and its volume is
determined to be 33.2 cc. What is the mass of the object?
2. The mass density of an object is 12.0 g/cc, and its mass is
determined to be 162 g. What is the volume of the object?
3. The mass of an object is 300 g, and its volume is determined to
be 60 cc. What is the mass density of the object?
4. The SI units of mass density are kg/m3, but there are several
other common units. One of the most commonly used units of
mass density is gram per cubic centimeter, or g/cc. This is
because pure water has a mass density of 1 g/cc. It turns out that
1 mL of liquid is equal to 1 cc of volume. So it is also possible to
express the mass density of water as 1 g/mL. This makes water a
useful tool since it is possible to use graduated cylinders to
measure volumes.
An object with a mass of 76.0 g displaces 267.5 ml of water when
it is completely immersed. What is the buoyant force on the
mass? (Use g = 9.8 N/kg as necessary.)
5. The water in the plumbing in a house is at a gauge pressure of
240,000 Pa. What force does this cause on the top of the tank
inside a water heater if the area of the top is 0.7 m2? (Ignore
atmospheric pressure.)
6. A viewing window on the side of a large tank at a public aquarium
measures 54 in. by 59 in. The average gauge pressure from the
water is 5 psi. What is the total outward force on the window?
7. A small statue is recovered in an archaeological dig. Its weight is
measured to be 5.3 lb and its volume 0.07 ft3.
a. Whit is the statue’s weight density?
b. What substance is it, most likely? Iron, ebony wood, juniper
wood, lead, diamond.
8. A certain part of an aircraft engine has a volume of 2.1 ft3.
a. Find the weight of the piece when it is made of copper.
b. If the same piece is made of aluminum, what is its weight? c. Determine how much weight is saved by using aluminum
instead of copper.
9. The depth of the Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Trench is 36,198 ft.
What is the gauge pressure at this depth?
A storage tank 23 m high is filled with pure water. (Assume
the tank is open and exposed to the atmosphere at the top.)
a. Find the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank.
b. Calculate the magnitude of the force produced by the fluid
that acts on a square access hatch at the bottom of the
tank that measures 0.6 m by 0.6 m.
A modern-day zeppelin holds 7,460 m3 of helium. Compute
its maximum payload at sea level. (Assume the helium and air to
be at 0°C and 1 atm.)
A juniper-wood plank measuring 0.16 ft by 1 ft by 14 ft is
totally submerged in water.
a. What is its weight?
b. What is the buoyant force acting on it?
c. What is the size and the direction of the net force on it?
i. SIZE?
ii. Direction IE: upward or downward?
A rectangular block of ice with dimensions 2 m by 2 m by
0.2 m floats on water. A person weighing 975 N wants to stand on
the ice. Would the ice sink below the surface of the water? Yes or
14. The wing of an airplane has an average cross-sectional area of 14
m2 and experiences a lift force of 89,000 N. What is the average
difference in the air pressure (in N/m^2)between the top and
bottom of the wing?


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