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(Solved) For each of the following situations in problems 1-7, determine which of the following tests should be used. Assume necessary conditions have been...

For each of the following situations in problems 1-7, determine which of the following tests should be used. Assume necessary conditions have been met. (Answers may be used more than once or not at all.) A. 1 sample 2 test B. 1 sample t test C. 2 sample t test D. Chi-squared E. 1 proportion 2 test F. 2 proportion 2 test G. matched pairs t test 1. Consumer Reports (January 1993) stated that the mean retail cost of an AT&T model 3730 cellular phone was $600. A random sample of 10 stores in Los Angeles had a mean cost of $586.50 with standard deviation of $26.77. Does this indicate that the mean cost in Los Angeles is less than $600? 2. Athabasca Fishing Lodge is located on Lake Athabasca in northern Canada. In one of their recent brochures, the lodge advertises that 75% of their guests catch northern pike over 20 pounds. Suppose last summer 64 out of a random sample of 83 guests did in fact catch northern pikes weighing over 20 pounds. Does this indicate that the population proportion of guests who catch pikes over 20 pounds is different from 75%? 3. A new law has been passed giving city police greater powers in apprehending suspected criminals. For six neighborhoods, the numbers of reported crimes one year before and one year after the new law are shown. Does this indicate that the number of reported crimes have dropped? Neighborhood 1 2 3 4 5 6 Before 18 35 44 28 22 37 After 2 1 23 30 19 24 29 4. A machine has a record of producing 80% excellent, 16% good, and 4% unacceptable parts. After extensive repairs, a sample of 200 produced 157 excellent, 42 good, and 1 unacceptable part. Have the repairs changed the nature of the output of the machine? 5. A random sample of 378 hotel guests was taken one year ago, and it was found that 178 requested nonsmoking rooms. Recently, a random sample of 516 hotel guests showed that 320 requested nonsmoking rooms. Do these data indicate that the proportion of hotel guests requesting nonsmoking rooms has increased? 6. Based on information from Consumer Reports (October 1993), a random sample of 86 thirty-gram servings of Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookies had a mean of 132 calories with standard deviation 27 calories. A random sample of 75 Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chip Cookies (30—gram servings) had a mean of 124 calories and standard deviation of 33 calories. Does this information indicate that there is a difference in the average number of calories for these two cookies brands? 7. Math Horizons is a publication of the Mathematical Association of America. The 1993 issue reports that in the U.S., graduating math majors who also have studied actuarial science (statistics) have a mean first-year salary of $27,600. Suppose that a random sample of 36 such graduates in the Denver region showed that they were earning an average of $27,810 with standard deviation $915. Does this indicate that the population mean salary in the Denver region is higher than the national average?
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