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(Solved) To prepare for your Project: Carefully review the scenario that has been assigned to you: An acquisition Akbar and Sons, launched and headquartered...

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To prepare for your Project:
Carefully review the scenario that has been assigned to you:
1. An acquisition
Akbar and Sons, launched and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a
family-owned oil company with a rich tradition of social responsibility. BP Oil acquires
Akbar and Sons. BP will send senior managers to the UAE Akbar headquarters for 3-6
months. After that, current Akbar managers will need to travel frequently to the UK
where BP will oversee operations. The average age of Akbar employees is 46. Through
working together for several years, they have become a very close team and all share a
common Islamic faith. BP retains all Akbar employees and Mr. Akbar and his son have
the option to leave or to fulfil senior management roles within the BP organisation,
frequently travelling or relocating to the UK.
2. Opening a new overseas office
Lanx, a UK-based, textile-manufacturing firm is opening a new plant in Delhi, India. Lanx
has enjoyed marked growth in the UK and determines that it can reduce long-term
manufacturing costs by having a presence in Delhi. Selected current Lanx managers, who
are all UK nationals and have worked in the UK-office for more than 5 years, will relocate
and manage Delhi employees onsite. The selected Lanx managers were chosen for their
company experience, performance record and ability to lead diverse groups. However,
none of the selected managers has had extensive intercultural communication training.
3. Starting a new product or service line that will require new kinds of employees
Prochurus and Garner, a large, US-based consumer goods company is to launch a new
cosmetics line that targets Latinas and is sold exclusively via network marketing. The
consumer who will be interested in selling the cosmetics via network marketing is a 24year-old, Spanish-speaking female with limited sales experience. The current plan is to
use savings from reduced marketing and distribution costs for training.
4. Starting an outsourcing effort
Historically, Amsterdam-based BancRoyale has been known for superior, friendly
customer service. Due to increasing costs, BancRoyale outsources its online customer
service function to a small firm in South America. Representatives from the South
American firm seem professional, but there have been initial complaints about language
barriers during service calls.
To complete your Project:
Based on the assigned scenario, submit the first section of the HRM Consultancy Report, an
analysis of the potential people management issues at play in the chosen scenario organisation.
Use the following general outline for Part 1 of your HRM Report:
1. Introduction
Provide an introduction to HRM and explain its importance to organizational managers. Describe the scenario organisation and its upcoming transition: If your selected
scenario provides options, explain the options that you will address. For
example, in the Akbar scenario, Mr. Akbar and his son have the option to leave
or take on senior management positions. If you chose this scenario, state which
option Mr. Akbar and his son will take. You may also wish to suggest additional
choices not mentioned in the scenario brief and creatively provide other details
as you describe your scenario. In addition, you may provide further
context/details and selected options for your scenario, either based on your own
experience and/or other case examples with which you are familiar. Just be sure
to address the implications of these details as you propose solutions in Section 2
of the HRM Consultancy Report. An organisational analysis of the scenario: o What organisational issues might the scenario transition create and
what are the people management implications of this transition? o What HRM approaches may need to be revised and/or new ones
introduced? o What are possible implications that could surface as a result of these
new HRM approaches? Theoretical Analysis: Include an introduction critically analysing two or three
OB/HR matrix relationships that are relevant within your scenario. Identify
theories of organizational behavior relevant to the scenario and discuss what
HRM approaches are associated and/or linked to these theories. How might the
relevant theories be operationalized through specific HRM approaches/practices
in the scenario? 2. Conclusion
3. References/Works Cited
Word count: the suggested word count for this assignment is 2000 words.
Advice on word count: This restriction encourages the development of a concise writing style, as
assignment quality is likely to suffer given the potential for overly verbose submissions.


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