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(Solved) Anthology Paper (8-10 pages total, 2000-2500 words) Objective: The anthology paper is the capstone project of the course. You will construct a...

Anthology Essay on the topic "IMMIGRATION" should include atleast 3-5 poems

Anthology Paper (8-10 pages total, 2000-2500
Objective: The anthology paper is the capstone project of
the course. You will construct a critical anthology of three (3)
to five (5) poems and/or prose selections from our textbook
organized around a specific theme relating to literature
and/or culture. The anthology’s introduction is the main
essay portion of this project (see below – 5 pages) and
should state and explain the anthology’s theme, selection
criterion, and how each entry contributes to the anthology’s
theme. Themes might include the way the works portray
gender, love and marriage, family, African Americans, the
West, the South, modernism, naturalism, realism,
oppression; the way the works challenge the prevailing
norms (class or social structure) of the time they were
written during; or the way the characters across the works
demonstrate similar personalities or philosophical ideas or
psychological issues. Anthology Paper Required Elements:
• Title of your anthology. (This should appear as a
separate title page.) • Table of Contents. List three to five texts, original
publication dates and sources, authors as well as
inclusive page numbers of the text from our anthology.
(This should be its own page.) • Anthology Introduction (5 pages): This essay
describes the theme and crafts an argument for its
significance to the study of American literature. How
does this theme or focus fit into the study of American
literature? The introduction must also describe and
explain the anthology’s selection criterion. How were the
individual entries selected? What was excluded? If you
could include more entries, what would they be? You
may also consider providing historical background about the anthology’s theme or crafting an argument about
why we need to pay attention to these texts today. What
can contemporary Americans gain from reading your
anthology? Who is the anthology’s target audience (high
school students, college students, etc.)? Review
Literature and the Human Experience’s introductions for
inspiration and organization ideas. Approximately 5
typed pages in MLA format.
• Individual Author/Text Introductions: These short
introductions should explain briefly how the text fits into
the anthology. You may also include some biographical
information on the author or interesting publication
information. Again, review how Literature and the
Human Experience introduces each author for
inspiration. Approximately 1/2 -1 typed pages, or 125 to
250 words for EACH text you have included. • Works Cited. Use MLA format.
Anthology Paper Timeline • Select a topic: Write a brief description of the topic.
Explain what topic you want to research and how your
anthology contributes to the study of American
literature. Do other anthologies exist already on this
topic? How is your proposal going to contribute rather
than duplicate what has already been done? You may
also wish to include a tentative list of authors and/or
texts. Sample Topic Areas: Topics should be focused. (i.e.
Nineteenth-Century Women Regionalists) *Identity:
gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.*History: literature
of WWI, Vietnam short stories, stories of the Great
Migration, etc. *Literary Movements: regionalism,
modernism, postmodernism, etc. • Research your topic and create an anthology: Outside research is not required but will be helpful for
most topics. Any outside research must be cited both intext and on a works cited page in MLA format.
***********Grading Criteria: When determining the
Anthology paper grade, your instructor will consider the
a. Content: The anthology will be evaluated for the quality
and clarity of the introductory material, the
appropriateness of the items included in the anthology,
and how well the individual items form a cohesive
anthology. All required elements (described above) must
be included. b. Style: The anthology should be meticulously proofread
to follow standard English spelling, grammar, and
punctuation guidelines. c. Organization: The anthology’s arrangement should be
clear and easy to navigate. d. Audience: The anthology should be clearly crafted for a
target audience identified in the introduction (i.e college
students, or high school students, etc.).
Note: Please keep in mind that your original content
determines the project’s grade. Cover art, author
pictures, graphics, lists to additional resources, and
other “bells and whistles” will be evaluated as “the icing
on the cake.”


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