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(Solved) Andrea Robins Learning Objective: Given a tool, the emWave , learners will experience and demonstrate an improvement in the effect of their thinking...

You will write a constructivist lesson plan for your final exam. Please carefully review this sample and write your plan using this format:

AndreaRobinsWeek4ConstructivistLessonPlan-1.pdf (I have attached the pdf format)

For the final exam, you will select one concept related to a field in health care that you would like to teach colleagues, students, or patients and specify which group you are writing the lesson plan for. 

Grading Criteria:

Learning Objective: Properly written = 10 points

Materials and Resources = 10 points

Key Vocabulary Terms or Concepts = 10

Opening Activity: 25

Instruction: 25

Guided Practice: 10

Independent Practice and Assessment: 10

Andrea Robins Learning Objective: Given a tool, the emWave ©, learners will experience
and demonstrate an improvement in the effect of their thinking on their
nervous systems.
Materials and Resources: Lecture, PowerPoint projector and handouts,
computers, emWave©, checklist for Instructor for assessment purposes
Key Vocabulary Terms or Concepts: Nervous system, thoughts,
coherence, emWave© PC, HeartMath©
Opening Activity: After presenting the main idea that thoughts are
effective and powerful, I will divide the learners into groups of two and ask
them to discuss their familiarity with this idea, whether they were aware of it
before it was introduced today, and whether or not they have previously
tried to apply the idea in their lives. One person in the group of two will be
asked to record and present their ideas to the group as a whole. When they
return to the larger group, the information each person shares will give me
knowledge about whether the idea needs to be explained further in greater
detail, if more examples of it need to be given, and about the readiness of
the group for the demonstration of the truth of the concept. They will also
have an opportunity to ask questions, and the responses I give will offer a
further opportunity to raise the understanding of the learners.
Instruction: Each learner will have an opportunity to practically experience
the affect of their thinking on their nervous system by introducing them to,
and letting them directly experience, the emWave© of the HeartMath©
System that is “based on over fifteen years of scientific research on the
psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interaction between the heart
and the brain.” This machine allows people to “observe [their] changing
heart rate rhythms in real time. . . as an indicator of health and fitness.” “It
reflects [their] ability to adapt to stress and environmental demands”
( And it teaches them how to
improve that ability, and that is what will be shown to the learners and
demonstrated by the learners.
Guided Practice: Each person will sit at a computer, and I will show them
how to connect to the emwave© PC by an ear clip attached to their ear lobe
and directly to their computer. A screen on their computer will chart their
physiological coherence. They will see the variance of their heart rate and
whether their physiological coherence (how well the nervous system
functions in the body), is low, medium, or high, demonstrated on a graph
that charts these functions. Most people will probably find their coherence
scores to be low. Andrea Robins After a few minutes of testing, they will be given instructions about how to
raise their coherence scores. They will be encouraged to breathe slowly,
deeply, and fully, and while they are breathing, they are to focus on things,
experiences, or memories that make feel good, possibly on beautiful places
they have been to. What everyone will find is that their coherence scores will
be appreciably raised just by breathing fully and focusing on positive
thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They have just demonstrated to
themselves that what they focus on affects how they feel and act. That is a
powerful understanding that, if acted upon, can greatly improve the quality
of life of the individual and the success of a corporation.
Independent Practice and Assessment: After everyone has experienced
the EmWave© PC twice, I will divide them again into new groups of two to
share their experiences and then meet collectively with everyone to share
thoughts and feelings. This will consolidate and reinforce the learning
experience. And it can be pointed out to those whose learning experience
was not as strong as others that they could continue to practice the idea
that improving their thoughts impacts their life and work. I will also point out
that concert pianists don’t reach the heights of their skill in a single session.
Practice is required. So, the individuals are encouraged to practice and they
also have the opportunity to purchase the program for their computer, the
company could purchase several for their office, or I could return in a week
or two to test them again. Even without the EmWave© PC, the
demonstration can show learners how to use their thoughts to improve their
feelings and actions, and they can practice this independently without it.
Assessment is based on watching their demonstration with the technology,
listening to their feedback when we meet collectively, and filling out a
checklist provided for each participant that includes a list of activities they
complete during the training (use of the technology, participation in the
group, for example).
The handouts include activity sheets so the learners can track their practice
of breathing and thinking with intention and any noticeable effects on their
personal and work experiences. These sheets include a brief reminder of the
topic, specific instructions for use with the emWave© PC, and instructions
for breathing and thinking with intention without the use of the emWave©
PC. The sheets will also include facts and stories from the emWave©
HeartMath© website and stories from previous and current learners of their
experiences with careful selection of their thoughts. While not mandated,
the learners are encouraged to share their experiences and progress using
the technology or the process.


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