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(Solved) Running head: DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN Developing an Advocacy Campaign Jose Romero NURS 5050/6050 Apr 08, 2017 1 DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY...

Hello, you completed parts 1 and 2 of a 3 part assignment, I would like for you to complete the 3rd part. I will attach the first 2 parts you completed and directions for the 3rd paper bellow.

Application: Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign (continued): Ethical Considerations

The final application builds upon the applications (Parts One and Two) completed in weeks 4 and 7.

To complete the final section of your paper:

  • Review provisions 7, 8, and 9 of the ANA Code of Ethics in relation to advocacy for population health.
  • Reflect on the ethical considerations you may need to take into account in your advocacy campaign.
  • Research the ethical considerations and lobbying laws relevant to the location where your advocacy campaign will occur.
  • Consider potential ethical dilemmas you might face in your campaign.

To complete: Revise and combine Part one (week 4 application) and Part Two (week 7 application) with Part Three below.

  • Explain any ethical dilemmas that could arise during your advocacy campaign, and how you would resolve them.
  • Describe the ethics and lobbying laws that are applicable to your advocacy campaign.
  • Evaluate the special ethical challenges that are unique to the population you are addressing.
  • Provide a cohesive summary for your paper.

Reminder: You will submit one cogent paper that combines the previous applications from weeks 4 and 7 plus the new material mentioned in the week 8 application. Your paper should be about 10 pages of content, not including the title page and references. Be sure to paste the rubric at the end of your paper.


Running head: DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN Developing an Advocacy Campaign
Jose Romero
NURS 5050/6050
Developing an Advocacy Campaign
Population health issue- Obesity
Area- America
Obesity has turned into the general medical problem of the day—and all things
considered. The information diagram a troubling picture and an all the more premonition future.
The commonness of obesity has multiplied in grown-ups and youngsters and tripled in youths in
the course of recent decades. 66% of Americans are overweight or stout. Every year in the
United States, 400 000 passing’s and $117 billion in social insurance and related expenses are
inferable from obesity.
Considerable arrangements of medications have been suggested. However most
specialists concur that no single intercession will be fruitful all alone. The required solution is far
reaching, multilevel interventions. Such activities require levels of subsidizing that couple of
associations appreciate. The more prominent joint effort would help unite different assets, yet a
couple of elements have possessed the capacity to sort out actually to accomplish this [Oct16].
Two advocacy campaigns
Response practices incorporate a solid eating routine example and standard physical
movement. Vitality adjust of the quantity of calories devoured from foods and refreshments with
the number of calories the body utilizes for action assumes a part in anticipating overabundance
weight gain. A behavior eating routine example takes after the Dietary Guidelines for Americans DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN 3
which accentuates eating whole grains, natural products, vegetables, adequate protein, low-fat
and sans fat dairy items and drinking water. Having a sound eating regimen example and
standard physical movement is additionally vital for long haul medical advantages and avoidance
of ceaseless sicknesses [phs].
Community Environment
Individuals and families may settle on choices in light of their condition or group. For
instance, a man may pick not to walk or bicycle to the store or to work in light of an absence of
walkways trails. In this manner, it is imperative to make situations in these areas that make it less
demanding to take part in the physical movement and eat a healthy eating regimen.
Attributes that made those campaigns active
Obesity is the following principal epidemiologic test confronting today's specialists. It
frequently asserted that there is a stoutness plague in prosperous nations, and that heftiness is a
standout amongst the most genuine general medical issues in the created world. I will contend
that weight is not a "pandemic" in any helpful feeling of the word, and that grouping it as a
general medical issue obliges us to make genuinely dubious product and exact presumptions.
While epidemiological confirmation recommends that the predominance of stoutness is on the
ascent and can prompt genuine medical issues extending from diabetes to cardiovascular ailment,
this does not without anyone else's input demonstrate that corpulence is a general medical issue
Develop a plan for a health advocacy campaign
We should keep on supporting people in rolling out solid improvements in their weight
control plans and exercise propensities. In any case, more imperative, we have to change both DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN 4
strategies and nature with the goal that they bolster whole groups in eating sound nourishments
and getting a charge out of consistent physical action. It implies lessening "grocery store
Badlands" and adjusting sustenance evaluating structures in low-salary groups. It suggests
enhancing park health and handling movement stream with the goal that it is less demanding to
work out. Tobacco control is enlightening. Huge diminishments in the predominance of smoking
accomplished just when endeavors to bolster singular conduct change joined with strategy
medications—including enactment, direction, and tax assessment—and available smoking
suspension administrations. While the speed with which obesity has turned out to be plague
appears to be overpowering, it likewise implies the pandemic is reversible. There is still time to
act. We have a developing ability to portray the obesity issue, as the articles in this issue
illustrate. Significantly more troublesome is recognizing compelling ways to deal with
obstructing the worldwide pandemic of obesity, even as there are confident beginnings. The
difficulties of interceding at early ages are underscored by the FitWIC program, as verbalized by
Crawford in her diagram piece in this issue.
Improve the health population
The health dangers and human services costs related to overweight and obesity are
significant. Various hindrances to a powerful obesity administration program ha recognized. An
absence of time to address obesity amid routine office visits, a lack of repayment, lacking
preparing and low self-viability in dealing with patients of abundance weight are a few
obstructions to a first administration. At the patient level, trashing, an absence of money related
impetus, challenges in getting to obesity management distinguished as hindrances to a successful
government. A voluntary survey was done to decide the presence and adequacy of medications to
enhance health experts' management of weight or the association of administering to overweight DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN 5
and stout individuals. Among the 18 studies including 446 suppliers and 4,158 patients, no
reliable conclusion could draw on how the administration of obesity may enhance because of the
different way of the reviews. Be that as it may update frameworks, brief preparing medications,
shared care, inpatient care and dietitian-drove medications may all be worth further examination
Obesity is the following real general health challenge confronting the United States. As of
now, more than 60% of the US population is overweight or fat. The health outcomes of obesity
incorporate expanded rates of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary illness, and disease. BMI is a
valuable epidemiologic apparatus that can estimate body adiposity for large gatherings of
individuals. However, clinicians may need to consolidate BMI with the workplace setting
keeping in mind the end goal to all the more precisely distinguish patients at hazard for CVD. As
of now, health activities to deliver obesity should produce and advanced. Given past involvement
with the smoking plague, permitting the nourishment business to control the rate and course of
such measures will bring about unfinished or imperfect projects. Rather, manufactured TFAs
ought to be entirely prohibited, as was done in Denmark and New York City, and the quantity of
unhealthy refreshments devoured every day ought to be constrained; expanded tax assessment
and confined access to candy machines in schools may help diminish the number of calories
expended from pop and other fatty drinks. At last, a reestablished accentuation on PA in the
educational modules may keep youngsters from getting to be plainly obese. The obesity plague
will without a doubt influence gastroenterologists, regardless of whether through obesity-related
gastrointestinal issue, the rising requirement for endoscopic treatments to treat obesity or the
more unique multifaceted nature of patient administration in this population. The obesity scourge DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN 6
must battled utilizing an extensive variety of systems, as activities that address just individual
bits of the issue at any given time have been appeared to be insufficient [Tho10]. References
Baldwin, T. (2010, nov). Obesity and Public health. Retrieved from apps.who:
H. Dele Davies, . E. (2012). Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence - Page 93. DEVELOPING AN ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN 7
Marie Truglio-Londrigan, . B. (2013). Public Health Nursing - Page 331.
Octavia Pickett-Blakely, . A. (2016). Obesity and Gastroenterology, An Issue of
Gastroenterology Clinics.
phsi.harvard. (n.d.). Obesity as a Public Health Issue. Retrieved from phsi.harvard:


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