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(Solved) 2100 BBB Spring 2017 Dr. Eean R. Crawford Instructions for Group Activity #4 For this activity you will write a business letter** analyzing your team...

Need almost one page answer about the second motivation question. You can make up two events, one bad performance and one good about a team. ( 4 people team)

Use one or two theories to explain the events. (Alderfer ERG Theory McClelland Needs Theory Equity Theory)

Be specific and clear

one outside resources reference and one textbook reference ( Williams, C. (2013). Principles of management (Vol. 8). S.l.: South-Western Cengage Learning.)

MGMT:2100 BBB Spring 2017
Dr. Eean R. Crawford Instructions for Group Activity #4
For this activity you will write a business letter** analyzing your team and its processes. In essence,
you are evaluating how your team worked together this semester. In analyzing your team, you must
apply models or theories from the class or text. You should also use outside resources including
articles, research, or even interviews. You must reference all outside sources used.
The letter should be addressed to your TA, and it should answer the following questions:
1. Describe the basic process that your team used to finish the first 3 group projects. Did your group
manage to create process gains and avoid process losses? Describe how your group did in each of these
areas, and suggest specific ways in which the group could have done better.
2. Analyze two specific events that occurred as part of your group’s efforts this semester. Select one
event when a member did not perform as expected (such as missing a meeting or handing in work that
did not fit with the expectations others held for it), and another event when a member performed better
than expected. Use one or two motivation theories to explain each of these acts. Then, use one of these
theories to propose how you might improve the performance of the member who did not perform as
expected. Note that you can talk about something that members of your team already did to address
the performance concern, or propose something new that the team should have done. What is
important for answering this question is to be clear about details – who in the team did what, how does
a motivation theory explain the behaviors, and what does the theory suggest should be done to alter the
behavior in the case of the poor performance?
3. Consider the many forms of communication that you’ve used to work through these projects. Select
one episode of effective communication and one episode of less effective communication. Analyze
each using a concept or suggestion from class. Why did the one go well and why did the other one go
poorly? Then, use one of these concepts to propose how you might have avoided the episode of poor
communication. What could you have done differently? Again, be specific in terms of details – who
did what, how do course concepts explain why these behaviors were effective (and ineffective), and
what do the course concepts suggest should have been done differently.
4. Consider the managers you’ve had so far this semester. Select one episode of more effective
management or leadership behavior and one episode of less effective management or leadership
behavior. Analyze each using a concept or theory from the class. Again, be specific in terms of details
– who did what, how does the relevant course concept explain why this was effective (and ineffective),
and what could have been done differently. Note that you can examine the same person, or different
people, depending on what episodes you want to discuss.
** For groups who have averaged at least 80% (60 points) on Projects 1 and 2, you may turn this assignment in as a digital
video posted to If you choose this option, you must submit the link and list of references to your
TA on paper and via the ICON Team Project #4 Assignment page. The grading rubric content expectations (front page) are
the same, but the grading rubric style expectations (back page) will be modified to conform to the video format. These
modified style expectations are included on the next page. Please inform the TA if you would like to select this option. Important Assignment Details. This assignment requires that your group write a business letter (or if
you chose and are eligible, to create a video). Please follow the standard grading rubrics provided on
ICON. If you select a video, the Content Expectations are the same but Style Expectations are
different. Style expectations for the video are pasted below. If you select the video option, you must
notify your TA within the next week.
As with all past assignments, for this assignment you have an assigned manager whose primary role is
to coordinate the efforts of the team, including planning, organizing, leading, controlling and so on.
Because the manager has these duties, s/he should not be primarily responsible for completing this
assignment. If everyone in your group has already served as a manager, then the selection of a
manager is at your discretion. When you complete your letter, you must upload it to the ICON Team
Project #4 Assignment page (save the file as Project#_Section#_Group#; Example:
Project4_B12_06.doc) before your discussion section and bring one hard copy to hand in at the start of
your discussion section. If you opt to do the video, you must provide the TA with a written and digital
version of the complete URL as posted on YouTube in addition to the list of references. If you have
questions, please ask as soon as possible. Style and Format Expectations (VIDEO OPTION) â–¡ Yes
â–¡ Yes â–¡ No (-3 pts)
â–¡ No (-3 pts) 3. Has a clear overall purpose statement spoken in the first minute
(Example: “The purpose of this video is to…”). □ Yes □ No (-3 pts) 4. Group members’ first names and group number (only) are presented
early (in the first minute or two). â–¡ Yes â–¡ No (-3 pts) 5. A hard copy of this grading key is filled out and turned in to the TA
on time (don’t upload your self-graded rubric to the ICON Team
Assignment page; only turn in a printed hard copy to your TA). â–¡ Yes â–¡ No (-3 pts) 6. Does not exceed 8 minutes (excluding credits, if any). â–¡ Yes
â–¡ Yes
â–¡ Yes
â–¡ Yes â–¡ No (-3 pts)
â–¡ No (-3 pts)
â–¡ No (-3 pts)
â–¡ No (-3 pts) 1. Video is uploaded and available via
2. Document (containing URL and Reference List) uploaded to ICON
on time, properly labeled (Project#_Section#_Group#; Example:
Project4_B12_06.doc). 7. All group members appear and speak at least once.
8. Audio and video quality are professional as is content1.
9. Every citation in the video (textbook, lecture, outside sources) is
found in the reference list in APA format (no missing references),
and every reference in the list is cited in the video (no extra
1 Note. Professional audio and video does not mean that what you produce will be equivalent to videos made
with professional equipment. Video quality on the equivalent of an iPhone would be sufficient. You are welcome
to use a flip video camera, and it can be borrowed from Stead Technology Services. Professional means that the
viewer can understand what is being said and done in the video, and you and your team members behave in a
way that represents you, your team, and the University of Iowa well. Please remember that files posted on
YouTube are in the public domain.


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