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(Solved) the case questions are asking for practical responses based on the information given in each case.

the case questions are asking for practical responses based on the information given in each case. Look at each case as a real life workplace situation that you will need to help figure out the problem(s) and possible solutions.

HES3750 Management Skills for the New Healthcare Supervisor

Week 5 Review Questions (Chapter 16-19)


  1. How have organizational mergers and other affiliations affected employee morale, and why do you believe they have had these effects?


2.      Why is it considered necessary for recognition to be delivered as soon after the deserving behavior as possible?

3.      Describe the fundamental employee needs that reward and recognition processes primarily fulfill.

4.      Some organizations evaluate all employees at the same time each year; some organizations evaluate employees throughout the year, often using employment anniversary date. From a supervisor’s perspective, explain one significant advantage and one significant disadvantage of each method.

5.      Why is it recommended that the initial step toward an employee’s evaluation be the review and update of the job description?

6.      How do you believe you would go about deciding whether some condition, occurrence, or circumstance you become aware of suggests the need for counseling or the need to go directly to disciplinary action?

7.      Why do you believe some supervisors fail to counsel employees or initiate disciplinary action even when the need to do so is clearly evident?

8.      Describe one significant barrier to successful counseling. Why do you believe this barrier exists, and what can be done about it?

9.      Why do most disciplinary systems require the supervisor to obtain—or at least try to obtain—employee signatures on disciplinary documentation?

10.  Why is it appropriate to purge an employee’s file of disciplinary documentation after some period of time?

11. Identify the steps in the Progressive Discipline Process. Discuss the details of each progressive discipline step.

Case: Opposing Forces Helen Wilson was hired from outside the hospital to be the new business office manager. She accepted the job, even after hearing that it was something of a hot seat; she would be the fifth person in the position in barely 3 years. Although Helen did not know reasons for the short stays of her predecessors, it took her very little time to decide that the atmosphere in the department was definitely unhealthy. Her staff appeared to be split among several factions, each of which was clearly at odds with one or more of the others. The groups were divided along the lines of race and national origin, and the members of each group tended to cluster together while working, hang together during lunch and breaks, and in general behave as though each was a small sub-department within the larger entity. From her first day on the job it was apparent to Helen that many of the department’s problems were a result of communications barriers among groups. She tried scheduling departmental staff meetings for the purpose of improving communication, but each such gathering found her frustrated because she could barely get any of the factions to speak with her, let alone talk with the other groups. After one particularly frustrating meeting Helen was approached by a person who appeared to be an informal leader of the department’s largest faction. She said to Helen, “You’ll never get anything done this way. There’s lots of distrust in the department, and the only way you’re going to accomplish anything is to meet with each group separately.”


1.  Would you advise Helen to meet with each group separately, as suggested? Why or why not?

2.  How do you suggest that Helen begin an effort to disband the “opposing forces?”

3.  Offer a few suggestions for Helen to consider in working with her unhealthily divided department over the coming weeks and months.

Case: Addressing the Squeaky Wheel

You are the supervisor of 20 people in a subunit of one of Central Hospital’s service departments. Three of your employees are titled as working group leaders, but they are usually involved in doing the work of the department rather than overseeing others. The busiest of these, a group leader named Sally, is expected to spend 60% of her time on regular work and 40% supervising.

Several times in recent months Sally has mentioned that her group’s backlog was growing and that she needed more help. She has never been more specific than saying more help was needed, and her gripes seemed to have been no more than passing remarks offered without preparation or forethought. You have been under pressure from a number of directions, and Sally’s complaints seemed to represent no more than chronic grumbling, so you have not felt compelled to add her concerns to your list of worries.

But today, Monday, first thing after starting time, Sally sought you out and confronted you with “I need one more full-time person, and I need her now! I’m tired of waiting and tired of being ignored, and I’m sick of being overworked and taken for granted. If something isn’t done about it by Friday, I’m out of here and you can find yourself another sucker.”


1.  Describe how you will initially address Sally’s outburst.

2.  Propose two or three possible solutions to the problem and describe the potential advantages and disadvantages of each.

3.   The situation places you in something of a trap. Describe this trap, explain why it is a trap, and explain how you might proceed toward a solution in view of the hazards inherent in the situation.


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