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(Solved) Introduction The woman interviewee's name is Mahoua Diomande, she was born in 12/18/1943 in the Ivory coast. It is a country located in west Africa....

  • interview a person over the age of 65.
  • Can be anyone you know or have contact with: Grandparent, close relative, friends Grandparent, neighbor, random person you meet, etc.

  • Ask about significant life events.
  • Was there an age or time they particularly enjoyed or disliked?
  • Wisdom or advice to pass on to future generations.
  • How they would like to be remembered
  • Any other information you would like to learn about

Please proofread my paper( 2 pages). APA format

The woman interviewee’s name is Mahoua Diomande, she was born in
12/18/1943 in the Ivory coast. It is a country located in west Africa. She is a strong
woman, of course, she is my grand-mother. She has always been a stay-at-home
mom. She never went to school. However, she made the education of her kids her
number one priority. She is as wise as an owl like they say in the Ivory coast.
Mahoua is a strong woman who has raised her 7 kids living with two co-wives.
She is beautiful inside and out. She is always ready to go the extra miles to help
those in needs. She got married to a my grand-father as his 2nd wives.
Life events
When asked about a significant life event, she said that her wedding day was
the best day of her life. She was 15 and madly in love with this young man who
happened to be my grandfather. She was not bother at all to be his second wife. It
was a part of the custom and the culture at that period. However, nowadays things
have changed. Another significant event was that she was thrilled when she got
pregnant with her first child. However, the child died months after. That was when
she realized that she was no longer the teenager she used to be. After that, she also
lost another child, her first son. However, he was an adult when he died. She was
especially devastated because Moussa died far away from home. She did not have
the opportunity to speak to him. His death happened suddenly. He was not sick. This was the beginning of a series of death. After her son, she lost her sister,
mother, and finally little brother. Despite those painful events she is still grateful to
God and she believes that everything happens for a reason
Joyful time
She said she enjoyed being a kid. It was easy back then. She had all her family
members. She remembered playing with her siblings in the farm. They will be
singing and talking about their futures. Her elder sister was her best friend. They
were found of each other. Their dad(late) at that time was the chief of the village.
They had a privileged upbringing compare to the rest of the kids in her village. She
added that she never lacked anything. She cherishes these memories because that is
all she has got left from her family.
Wisdom or advice to pass on to future generations. She told me people should take their time before marrying. Love alone is not
enough to be with someone. A woman should marry a man who loves her more,
not the contrary. According to her, further down the road, a woman’s love will
eventually outgrowth that of her husband. It takes a strong woman to keep her
husband and family in one piece. Divorce should never be an option, especially
when you have kids together. Then, I asked her, what happened if your husband
abuses you physically? She replied that in this case she cannot stay with him
because he is yet to be a man. He is a ‘man child’. We laughed about it. How they would like to be remembered She said she has not thought about that. She is just trying to enjoy her
remaining time on earth with her grand and great grand-children. In her view,
people will remember you through your actions (how you have impacted their
lives). She hopes to be remembered for what she is, a strong woman who always
stand up for what is right. My grandmother also mentioned being proud of my
mother who is a medical doctor. She said she did not go to school, but at least she
was able to raise someone like my mother. This is one of highest achievement. She
is thankful to the lord because He has enable her to live to see His wonders. Conclusion
I believe that my grand-mother is an accomplished woman. She is proud of
her kids. They are very successful and look after her. She did not end up in a
nursing home like some of her friends. She is my role model. I have this endless
love for her. She has showered me with so much love. I sometimes wonder how I
can pay her back for all she has done for me. She sees everything in a positive way.
She is my sunshine.


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