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(Solved) Hello, Could you please help in paraphrasing the below paragraphs; The Singapore health care system is funded directly by the national government


Could you please help in paraphrasing the below paragraphs;

The Singapore health care system is funded directly by the national government through its Ministry of Health. The ministry's budget for fiscal year 2013 was SGD5.9 billion (USD6.7 billion), or 1.6 percent of GDP. The funds come from general revenue, and they are used for subsidies, campaigns to promote good health practices, manpower development and training, and infrastructure expenses."

"The other major source of funding for the health system is private financing and expenditure. According to the World Health Organization (2013), in 2010, private expenditure amounted to 69 percent of the nation's total expenditure on care, 10.1 percent coming from private prepaid plans. "

"A number of centers focus on medical specialties, including cancer, oral care, cardiovascular disease, diseases of the nervous system, and skin diseases."

"There were 4 million outpatient visits at public hospitals, two-thirds of them subsidized (Affordable Excellence, 2013)."

"The private sector provides about 20 percent of secondary and tertiary care services"

"According to the World Health Organization (2013), private spending amounts to 69 percent of total health care expenditure, of which 88 percent is out-of-pocket, including costs that are covered and reimbursed by employer medical benefits."

"Remarkably, Singapore has a high number of JCI accredited organizations in the region with 21 hospitals and medical centers Joint Commission International, 2015a"

"Singapore has one of the top 10 hospitals in the world, for medical tourists, with most technologically advanced facilities, namely Gleneagles Hospital. It performs sophisticated surgical procedures through its cutting-edge technology such as medical robots (Medical Travel Quality Alliance, 2013)."

"With an established brand name of advanced medical care repute, doctors in Singapore utilized innovative technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment to carry out sophisticated diagnostic and surgical procedures especially those related to cardiology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, organ transplants, orthopedics, and pediatrics. Singapore has demonstrated several landmark medical advances in a number of the "firsts" in the Asian medical history, such as, the separation of the Siamese twins, the first South East Asian heart and liver transplant, the first percutaneous aortic valve replacement, and the world's first surgery for a rare ectopic pregnancy with single precise incision"



"Singapore's medical tourism strategies are built on its high quality medical care, trustworthy and internationally accredited hospitals [4]. With 21 JCI accredited hospitals [13], Singapore endeavours to provide top notch healthcare delivery system and facilities to its citizens, hence, possessing some of the most advanced diagnosis equipment available in the market [22]. English is widely spoken, clean and safe environment and a stable political scene attract tourists to Singapore"

Singapore has a colonial past: after gaining independence from the British in the 1960s, it inherited their administrative systems, including systems for providing health care. Under the British, medical services were provided mainly by the public sector and financed through general taxation; the private sector played only a minor role. Since then, the country has evolved to suit its changing circumstances and today, healthcare services are provided by both the government and the private sector. 

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