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(Solved) is-293 fema course 1. Which one of the following statements about Mission Assignment billing is CORRECT?

is-293 fema course

1. Which one of the following statements about Mission Assignment billing is CORRECT? A. All subtasked agencies must bill FEMA directly.

 B. Agencies may combine costs for multiple Mission Assignments onto one bill for reimbursement.

 C. Agencies that use IPAC are exempt from the requirement to submit supporting documentation.

 D. Agencies may submit multiple bills against one Mission Assignment.

2. When the Joint Field Office closes, which of the following activities takes place? A. FEMA Finance Center staff transfer unliquidated obligations to the State.

 B. The State Approving Official negotiates the cost-share agreement based on work completed.

 C. FEMA field staff transition all MA records to Regional Office staff.

 D. Finance and Administration Section Chief conducts an audit to determine the final payment amount.

3. Mission Assignment Task Orders: A. Are generally used to provide specifics for a broad Statement of Work.

 B. Can be issued to a support agency when the primary agency determines they need additional support.

 C. Combine multiple Mission Assignments into a single Statement of Work.

 D. Include a not-to-exceed cost estimate from the primary agency to the subtasked agency.

4. Pre-Scripted Mission Assignments: A. Cannot be modified by the primary agency of an Emergency Support Function.

 B. Assign tasks to another Federal agency that are within that agency's statutory authority.

 C. Contain a Statement of Work and projected cost estimates.

 D. Are automatically issued in certain types of disasters.

5. Which type of Mission Assignment (MA) may be subject to cost-share provisions, normally 75% Federal share and 25% State share? A. Federal Operations Support (FOS)

 B. Direct Federal Assistance (DFA)

 C. Other Federal Support (OFS)

 D. Technical Assistance (TA)

6. Who is responsible for reviewing OFA requests for reimbursement, performing MA reimbursement, and helping with financial closeout functions? A. State Approving Official

 B. DHS Chief Financial Officer

 C. FEMA Finance Center staff

 D. OFA Finance specialists

7. The signature of the State Approving Official is required for: A. Technical Assistance Mission Assignments

 B. Mission Assignment Amendment to an FOS Mission Assignment

 C. Action Request Forms for Federal agency activation

 D. Federal Operations Support Mission Assignments

8. The FEMA Project Manager works with the other Federal agency (OFA) Action Officer to: A. Develop the Statement of Work.

 B. Designate a Mission Assignment Manager.

 C. Prepare bills for reimbursement after completion of work.

 D. Determine which Emergency Support Functions will be activated.

9. 11.Review of the Action Request Form by the Operations Section Chief may result in the request being filled through a variety of means, EXCEPT: A. Through OFA statutory authority.

 B. By Public Assistance grants.

 C. Through procurement with non-disaster funds.

 D. By FEMA Logistics with existing resources.

10. A new Mission Assignment must be issued for changes in ______________. A. Funding.

 B. FEMA Project Manager.

 C. State cost share.

 D. Statement of Work.

11. Which of the following costs is eligible for reimbursement under a Mission Assignment? A. Settlement costs resulting from disaster-related litigation

 B. Overtime for temporary staff

 C. Work performed under the agency's own authority

 D. Estimated or advanced costs

12. The Operations Sections Chief reviews the Action Request Form to ensure that the request: A. Describes permanent work.

 B. Has been entered in the Action Tracker Log.

 C. Contains a State cost-share agreement.

 D. Is beyond State/local capabilities.

13. Mission Assignments are: A. Grants given to FEMA and other Federal agencies to conduct emergency work.

 B. Contracts directing Federal agencies to conduct response, recovery, and mitigation activities.

 C. Declarations that provide up to $5 million in Federal assistance.

 D. Work orders issued by FEMA to another Federal agency.

14. Which of the following personnel MUST sign off in the approval chain for a Direct Federal Assistance Mission Assignment? A. Operations Section Chief

 B. State Approving Official

 C. MA Specialist

 D. Logistics Section Chief

15. 14.Which of the following statements on Mission Assignments is CORRECT? A. The Federal Government may request a Federal Operations Support MA.

 B. Mission Assignments may be used for long-term recovery activities.

 C. The assigned OFA Action Officer may approve and obligate funds for a Direct Federal Assistance MA.

 D. Technical Assistance MAs allow one State to provide expert advice to another State.


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