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(Solved) Textual Analysis Organizer Exemplar - The Spaces Between the Stars Use your notes from Active Reading to complete a graphic organizer for the short...

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Textual Analysis Organizer Exemplar – The Spaces Between the Stars
Use your notes from Active Reading to complete a graphic organizer for the short
stories. Title/Author "The Spaces Between
Stars" by Getta Kothari Theme - anecdote explores Maya's
choices & actions and how they've
influenced the direction of her life, over
the years - internal conflict - tries to be "American" by giving
up her own cultural beliefs & upbringing; this affects
her whole life
- word choices support theme of how our choices/
actions define us Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie
Setting is similar to the area
where Kothari grew up Setting - once Maya decides it's okay to be herself, the
language in the story changed How do our choices
and actions define us? Essential
Question FISH - words used to
describe fish (struggling, dying,
gasping) also used for Maya. Fish is
symbolic of Maya's emotion and selfconflict
AMERICAN DREAM - wealth & belonging,
but Maya struggles to find her place as an
East Indian in America. Tries to do "American"
activities, but is unsuccessful which increases
her emotional pain & influences her choices IRONY - Maya's husband is studying to
be a psychiatrist, yet seems
oblivious to her inner angst and
not self-confident, confused
sad, angry
- East Indian only child raised by
her aunt, orphan
- she feels like she's dying inside
everyday b/c she can't seem to find her
place in the world
Evan: confident, handsome, American,
non-confrontational, studying to be a
Shyamma: lonely, wise, East
Indian, hates the cold, has
never married, is
single Character Symbols and
Irony Character – Maya’s inner conflict began when she was a teen. As an East Indian growing up in America, she was desperate to fit in; this meant compromising on what her own
cultural beliefs and values were. She married into Evan’s family, who accepted her as she
was, but she is always second-guessing their intentions, feeling she is under scrutiny; this
is her own mind making her feel like she is not worthy. Her choice to go fishing with Evan resulted in the fish’s death, which made her feel incredibly guilty. However, this action also
influenced Maya to take a good look at herself and forced her to decide that if she was
unhappy then it was up to her to make the change.
Symbols – the fish was a symbol of Maya’s inner self. The words used to describe the fish
(gasping, struggling, dying) were also representative of Maya’s spirit. If Maya had not
made the choice to go fishing, then she would have continued on the path of
unhappiness. The fishing expedition influenced Maya to be true to herself, thus influencing
her to have a happy, healthier life.
Theme – the theme of how one’s choices and actions can influence them is very evident throughout the text. It is reiterated by Kothari’s word choices (death, gasping, struggling)
and Maya’s anecdotes from her teenage years. “Maya’s sole desire: to be like everyone
else and nothing like her aunt.” “She wanted to be out of this skin and into another, one
that fit her, not one that she had to fit.” Her choice to be both East Indian and American resulted in her future being one “full of promise.” Textual Analysis Organizer – Exemplar "On the Rainy River"
Use your notes from Active Reading to complete a graphic organizer for four short
stories. Title/Author
"On the Rainy River"
by Tim O'Brien Tim's choice to not run to Theme Canada and instead go to war selfdefined him as a coward. If he had fled, his
family, community, and country would have
viewed him as a coward summer 1968
Minnesota (Washington) The choice to return home & fight defined his
- embarrassment ("I would go to the war...b/c
I was embarrassed not to")
- Memoir, but events not true - truth is in the
emotional dilemma, not the actions Setting PIG CLOTTER SCENE
is symbolic of 1) what he would
experience as a soldier; 2) his
internal struggle
How do our choices and
actions define us? ELROY BERDHAL - symbolic of a fatherfigure for Tim; leading Tim to the river forces
Tim to decide what he's going to do
RAINY RIVER - symbolic of freedom and the
"line" Time has to cross to be true to himself Essential
Question Symbols and
Irony Tim: a recent college
graduate, employed at a
meat packing plant
- despises war, angry, confused,
embarrassed, "coward"
- unable to stand up for his beliefs
about the draft to Vietnam
Elroy: elderly man (60s?), owns a
series of cabins on the Rainy River
- quiet, unspoken, generous,
- offers Tim refuge and an ear
- forces Tim to make a
decision Character Textual Analysis Organizer Exemplar - On the Rainy River
Write a short analysis of the story. How are the elements of character, theme,
symbols, setting, and/or figurative devices are used within the text? Explore how each
contributes to the story's exploration of an Essential Question. Explore a minimum of
three elements. Setting – The setting being in 1968 is significant, in that societal behaviours and
expectations were completely different than what they are now, especially for
young adults. Tim’s community was small, and most everyone held a similar belief
that becoming a soldier was an honour and a young man’s duty. The setting
influenced Tim’s choice to go to the Vietnam war because he was afraid of being
seen as a “sissy” and a “coward” by those in his community.
Character – Tim’s character is introduced as one full of regret because of his
choice to go to the Vietnam war. He carries the guilt of the choice he made when
in his twenties throughout his years, and this guilt influences all aspects of his life:
his marriage, his relationships, his career. If not for this decision, he perhaps would
not be the well-respected writer he is now, or, he wouldn’t have found such an
interesting subject matter, perhaps. Tim’s embarrassment over choosing to accept
a draft to a war he didn’t believe in influenced him greatly, and his actions from
that point on were ones that he hoped would counter the choice he made.
Theme – the main theme of how one’s choices and actions can influence their life
is more subdued in this text. The choice Tim made influenced his emotional wellbeing, I think, more than the direction of his life. He carried the guilt and
embarrassment of the decision for the rest of his life, and the telling of the story
was a sort of purging. As a reader, I also became emotionally involved in Tim’s
emotional dilemma and how either choice could be impactful in ways he wasn’t
prepared for. The use of a memoir to explore the theme allowed the reader to
really experience the angst and despair Tim felt during that time, and it was easy
to see how his decision still defined who is today.


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