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(Solved) This is the article related to the essay you have to write, you have to write about who killed Antonio Zambrano, please use the story to get

Hi i need an essay, you have to write about who killed Antonio, please use the given information, to write the essay, please include an introduction with a thesis. The thesis needs to show examples of what you are going to write about, in the next three paragraphs also reinstate the thesis in the conclusion. Need 3-4 pages please keep it in simple wording. Lastly please answer all the questions in the rubrik thank you.

This is the article related to the essay you have to write, you have to write about who killed Antonio
Zambrano, please use the story to get questions answered from the rubric. please click these stories
down below to get information about what to write about. “ Philosophy
The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests
of community welfare and existence. Robert Peel, 19th C. originator of professional police force in London Let me be clear ­ no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions. Antonio Villaraigosa, American politician
Communities of color don't understand what it means to be a police officer, the fear that police officers have in just being on the streets. Eric Holder
This world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. Dwight D. Eisenhower
John Locke (limited monarchy with continuously scrutizined social contract) vs Thomas Hobbes (absolute
monarchy) 17th C. England” Conclusions
“The Social
Contract “ Locke
“We give up our right to ourselves
exact retribution for crimes in return
for impartial justice backed by
overwhelming force. We retain the
right to life and liberty, and gain the Hobbes
“If you shut up and do as you are told,
you have the right not to be killed, and
you do not even have the right not to be
killed, for no matter what the Sovereign
does, it does not constitute violation of right to just, impartial protection of our
property “ the contract.” “If a ruler seeks absolute power, if he
acts both as judge and participant in
disputes, he puts himself in a state of
war with his subjects and we have the
right and the duty to kill such rulers
and their servants. “ “No right to rebel.“there can happen no
breach of covenant on the part of the
sovereign; and consequently none of his
subjects, by any pretence of forfeiture,
can be freed from his subjection.” The
ruler’s will defines good and evil for his
subjects. The King can do no wrong,
because lawful and unlawful, good and
evil, are merely commands, merely the
will of the ruler. “ “Civil Society “ “Civil society precedes the state, both
morally and historically. Society creates
order and grants the state legitimacy. “ “Civil society is the application of force by
the state to uphold contracts and so
forth. Civil society is a creation of the
state. What most modern people would
call civil society is “jostling”, pointless
conflict and pursuit of selfish ends that a
good government should suppress. “ “Rights “ “Men have rights by their nature” “You conceded your rights to the
government, in return for your life” “Role of the
State” “The only important role of the state is
to ensure that justice is seen to be
done “ “Whatever the state does is just by
definition. All of society is a direct
creation of the state, and a reflection of
the will of the ruler. “ “Authorized
use of force “ “Authorization is meaningless, except
that the authorization gives us reason
to believe that the use of force is just. If
authorization does not give us such
confidence, perhaps because the state
itself is a party to the dispute, or
because of past lawless acts and abuses
by the state, then we are back in a state
of nature. “ “The concept of just use of force is
meaningless or cannot be known. Just
use of force is whatever force is
authorized “ “Violation of
the social
contract “ Essay #4: Ethics, Religion and Morality (Due ________________)
In this essay we will examine how people’s responses and behavior
differ in the same situation as well as how one’s religious/spiritual
views influence one’s behavior. Students will choose from two sets
of situations based on actual events, and identify both the actual
behaviors and the implied values as well as the student’s own
values and response to that situation. You will also identify specific
spiritual/religious/moral authorities to quote from in support of either
or both sides in the situation and write about the personal
importance (or not) of religion/spirituality/morality in your own life.
1.Google: List of 400 values. Prewriting: Identify your top 5 values (you may have many more
than this; try to prioritize as some may be synoymous or similar).
Write about which values you hold most dear and why. Were they
values taught in the home? at school? in church? Learned through
reading or experience? Utilize the sources given above to reflect on common American
values. Which of these are on your list? Do you have values on your
list which you feel should be added to those listed in the above
2. Essay Introduce the subject of the situation you selected from the
given choices. One sentence should indicate that people act
differently in the same situation based on their individual values.
Thesis: The different values evident in the behavior of specific actors
in the chosen stories.
3. Essay body. Choose one of the situations given. Identify the main
players in the contrasting stories. What happened? What values do
you think those players were expressing through their actions? Do
their values agree with your own or are they divergent? In what
way? Would you have made the same choice in the same situation?
Why or why not?
Compare and contrast the values acted out in the different
examples of this issue with your own. Point to the behaviors which you believe illustrate particular values and give examples of your
own behaviors or beliefs in regard to this issue.
Utilize an official source of religious, ethical, spiritual or moral
standards as a source for preferred or required behavior in that
situation or in response to that issue. Sources have been provided
but you may also use your own. These can include: the Bible, Torah,
Qu'ran, preachers, rabbis, imams or other religious scholars writing
or speaking on the topic, political or other public figures (such as
environmental, humanitarian, legal or other leaders) speaking out
on the topic, spiritual or moral authorities, philosophers, parents,
etc. Your source may be contemporary or from the past, even
Do not propose a solution. Simply explore the different ways humans
(including yourself) respond to an issue of current concern in society. Annotated Bibliography
This is similar to your Works Cited, but separate from it. In other words, for your final paper, you will include BOTH a Works Cited AND an Annotated Bibliography. A bibliography includes everything you cite (quote or paraphrase) in your paper AS WELL AS any sources you read for background information but do NOT quote or cite from in your paper. Thus, your bibliography will contain everything in your Works Cited, plus at least one additional source you looked at to better understand your topic but did not either quote or paraphrase.
Annotations are your comments on each source. These notes are in complete sentences under each source and include: 1. What the source is (an article from a popular magazine or newspaper, a scholarly journal article, a blog, a YouTube video, a podcast, a government (please note whether federal, state, city/local) website, an industry (name the industry) website, a nonprofit organization website, an excerpt from a book (online or print), etc.
2. What the source tells the reader (provides statistics, a story, objective report, describes legislation, entertaining information, pictures or other graphics about topic X)
3. Your opinion of the source and your intended use of it (found it insightful/useful to explain X; similar to another source so just using as background; supports/is similar to your proposed solution; explains an alternate point of view, etc.)


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