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(Solved) "Code first" and "Use additional code" are examples of A. I-8 conventions. the etiology/manifestation guideline. the Includes...

1.  "Code first" and "Use additional code" are examples of 

       A. I-8 conventions.   B. the etiology/manifestation guideline.   C. the Includes notation.   D. subcategory notations.

2.  An Excludes2 note tells the coder that 

       A. a condition must never be coded with the code adjacent to it.   B. a code isn't assigned in I-9, but it's assigned in I-10.   C. an excluded condition isn't a part of another condition and may be coded.   D. a code isn't included in a diagnosis code combination in I-9. 

3.  Code R65.21 in a scenario and choice list indicates 

       A. there's a combination of three I-9 codes that map to R65.21.   B. there are no codes that map to R65.21.   C. there's only one valid combination of I-9 codes that maps to code R65.21.   D. there's a combination of four I-9 codes that map to R65.21

4.  The increase in the use of outpatient facilities is due in part to 

       A. the government's tighter control over patient services.   B. the shortage of nursing staff.   C. technological advancements in radiology.   D. physicians working under time constraints.

5.  The abbreviation NOS is used 

       A. to provide assurance that the code is correct by listing various terms that are covered by the code.   B. when a separate code for a specific condition isn't provided in the classification system.   C. when the medical record doesn't provide enough information to permit assignment of a more specific code.   D. to indicate that another code may describe the condition more completely or specifically. 

6.  Changes in healthcare in America have resulted in 

       A. a modified hospital case mix.   B. an ever-increasing demand for qualified medical coders.   C. staff reductions in long-term care facilities.   D. longer inpatient stays.

7.  The I-10 was developed by the 

       A. NCHS.   B. OIG.   C. AAPC.   D. AHIMA. 

8.  Phrases such as associated with, due to, or with mention of are examples of 

       A. connecting words.   B. subterms.   C. main terms.   D. adjectives. 

9.  A code has five characters and requires a seventh character. If a sixth character isn't available, what should the coder do? 

       A. Query the provider for the seventh character   B. Use placeholder Y as the seventh character   C. Use a placeholder X for the sixth character.   D. Insert a "?" in the seventh character field 

10.  An Excludes1 note tells the coder not to 

       A. assign a particular code along with the code listed above it.   B. add a code to an unspecified site.   C. assign a complication code with a diabetes code.   D. classify a code in the same I-10 subcategory.

11.  Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is directly related to 

       A. the national recession.   B. the international healthcare environment.   C. a downturn in the global economy.   D. the government's increased involvement and control over health care. 

12.  If a condition is documented in a medical record without any additional information, the coder should 

       A. mark the medical record for management review.   B. assign the default code for the condition.   C. file a dispute form with the OIG.   D. query the physician. 

13.  A patient is diagnosed with a cardiac condition. Which category would you use to assign your code? 

    A. M00–M99   B. J00–J99   C. I00–I99   D. L00–L99

14.  When coding, you should always use the Tabular List to 

       A. locate codes not found in the Alphabetic Index.   B. determine if there are any cross-references for the code.   C. verify the codes you've located in the Alphabetic Index.   D. find the range of codes for a particular disease.

15.  What does the "CM" stand for in "ICD-10-CM"? 

       A. Corporate Modifier   B. CMS Modification   C. Clinical Modifier   D. Clinical Modification

16.  To produce meaningful statistics in the field of coding, 

       A. coding must be performed consistently and correctly.   B. productivity scores must remain consistent throughout each calendar year.   C. numerical data must be compiled for both male and female patients.   D. an assignment of benefits must be on file for Medicare claims.

17.  Carryover lines would be found in the 

       A. Mental Health Appendix of ICD-10-CM.   B. Tabular List.   C. CMT Index.   D. Alphabetic Index. 

18.  NEC is the acronym for 

       A. Not an Excluded Code.   B. Nothing Else Coded.   C. Not Elsewhere Classifiable.   D. Neoplasm behavior Essential for Coding.

19.  In the Alphabetic Index of ICD-10-CM, nonessential modifiers are 

       A. two digits appended to the code to modify the meaning.   B. alphanumeric characters that clarify the meaning of the code selection.   C. terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the code selection.   D. codes denoting acute and chronic conditions.

20.  More than 95 percent of claims are filed 

       A. electronically.   B. after the 30-day deadline.   C. manually.   D. within two days of the patient's visit.


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