(Solved) Invitational Speech Assignment General Purpose: Specific Purpose: To invite To invite my audience to consider. Length: 8 minutes. Consider how you...

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I really want an outline speech. The time for this speech is 8 minutes. My title speech is: should the U.S remain a part of the United Nation? Please, when you write the outline speech, make it easy to read. Because the English language is my second language, and be sure to get information from a good 3 resource. make the first body against,  with, and third both. You will find all formation in the  attachment below.  

Invitational Speech Assignment
General Purpose:
Specific Purpose: To invite
To invite my audience to consider… Length: 8 minutes. Consider how you would like to divide the time: Reserve 3-4 minutes for your
audience to share prior to your conclusion. (I’ll be ‘counting down’ to the 4 minute mark,
then again for 8 minutes) Topic: Choose a topic that interests you and one that you would like to begin to
explore and to tell your audience about. (This will <hopefully> be the ‘problem’ you’re
looking at for your next Persuasive speech) Then you’ll open the floor to the view and
ideas of others. As you’re thinking about your topic for your Persuasive speech, you probably have some tentative thoughts on
this issue, but you want to discover what others think. Your goal in this Invitational speech is to understand
others’ views so you might understand your own position more. For instance, share advantages and
disadvantages from your research, then open it up to others.
Requirements: The goal of this speech is to try to understand the complexity of an issue, understand why your audience
sees things as they do, and explore a topic civilly and with openness. The ‘content’ of the speech is broken up into two parts – the first part consists of your general
explanation and introduction of the issue; the second part is where you’ll open up the topic for
discussion, using questions to prompt responses and guiding the discussion from the audience. Use this speech as a way of testing your audience’s opinions and preconceptions about your
Persuasive topic; you’re looking to find ways to better persuade them that your solution is the best way
to address the given problem (this is the basic outline of the next speech) Pay special attention to your language. Invite openness, don’t close people off to participating. Use
phrases like: This is the position I hold, I came to this view because, Why do you think so? and Can you
explain why you prefer that solution? Organization: In addition to preparing a draft of your outline, you will also be submitting a draft of your discussion
prompts/questions. You’ll be also turning in a final copy of your planned discussion questions after you
deliver your speech. A written preparation outline is required for this speech and should include all relevant content and
sources. Your bibliography listing the sources you consulted must be included in proper format. A speaker's outline/notes is recommended when delivering the speech. Sources: At least three credible sources (you can also use yourself) must be mentioned in the speech and
referenced properly (APA style) in outline – you should include one source from each side of the ‘debate’ Wikipedia (and Google) is not a good college source; however, it may be a good way to begin to find an
appropriate article to use. Visual Aid: No visual aid is required for this speech, but you may use one if you’d like.
Remember to complete the Self-Assessment activity after watching your recorded speech.
The Invitational Speech is worth 120 points.


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