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(Solved) Running Head: ARCHITECTURE 1 Architecture Name Tutor Course ARCHITECTURE 2 Question 1: Identify the top level business processes required for the...

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Please re-focus on the 3rd question as there are things to be answered so it should be elaborated.

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1) In first question, you did not include the third paragraph of question that describe vendor management system.

2). Again same problem, you made activity diagram on basis of web service extension but didn't include vendor management system (purchasing process for all vendors)

3) 3rd question includes all services like task centric and entity centric but You copied third paragraph of question. see example of task centric and entity centric:

please do these modifications in the same file and convert in pdf.

Running Head: ARCHITECTURE 1 Architecture
Course ARCHITECTURE 2 Question 1: Identify the top level business processes required for the proposed system of JG
JG King home is a well-recognized constructer and constructs custom made residential
homes for its clients. In the fast expanding sector, JG King Projects has experience in
constructing terrace houses, multiple residential apartments, housing units as well as urban
houses. Their projects often contain a mixture of designs and home sizes. They work directly
with architects and designers to realize their vision and business objectives. These alliances
generate contemporary living situations that invigorate urban areas and use sites to optimal
potential (Greenfield, 217).
JG King focuses on steel framed home which makes it appealing to its clients. However,
this upsurges the price of home compared to wood framed houses which puts it on a pressure to
curtail the home price compared to other constructers in the market. The move to greater
involvement in the direct manufacturing of the steel frames and tethers offered the company with
a more cost-efficient technique of proffering its services. The difference with a steel frame house
is that the only thing in the roof opening is non explosive steel and fiberglass padding, giving
companies like JG King a vast advantage in terms of providing safety against fire.
In carrying out its business processes, JG Kings should ensure safety in the workplace as
well. Given that construction is a high-risk activity, occupational health and safety should be
accredited. Their products should be sourced from suppliers or producers with a proven record of
environmental management and product stewardship. In considering social impact, they should
seek suppliers who are cognizant of and determinedly seek to operate within legislative and
environmental laws, offer fair trade products where necessary, and offer guarantee that no form
of abuse or exploitation is permitted in their supply chain. ARCHITECTURE 3 The company should as well be conscious of their role as responsible corporate citizens
and committed to generating a more sustainable environment. It should complete an
environmental assessment at the capability assessment stage of all major projects. This should
look at the factors needed to ensure control over things such as storm water and dregs, dust, mud
and corrosion. The company should also be aware of the fact the sites that they may work on
may carry contaminants from past activities which requires special handling considerations. In
considering the environmental impact of their products, the company may seek to use products
that increase sustainability, minimize toxicity and green house emission, utilize recycled content
in production, are recyclable, and minimize the use of water
The State Government should encourage growth, through a number of current policies on
settlement in regional centers. Centers like Bendigo and Geelong should be strategically
identified by the government as development areas. Part of this strategy may encourage people to
migrate to these towns areas where JG King Homes has a very strong brand and an overriding
presence within the market.
Question 2: Decompose each identified business process into primitive business activities
(capabilities or operations) through the workflow logic of the business processes (use
activity diagram).
A recent modification in the National Construction Code (NCC) acknowledged the
positive effect steel frames have had on fire levels. For these reasons and more, steel has been
used in viable development for many years, and it is used entirely in their structures. At the
present, JG King can as well offer outstanding product to the traditional timber frames at a
modest price. To endure in the market and make a valuable business, JG King wishes to inflate ARCHITECTURE 4 its business in multi directions as well as general coverage, a better supervision, promotion and
better vendor managing services (Greenfield, 217).
From small scale projects to major developments, JG King Projects offers flexible
options as well as cost effective solutions. Since JG King wants to increase its business
countrywide, it requires a tangled web service extension to their vestige solution for proper
operation of its all business performances which will be exceptional to its branches as well as its
clients. At the same time, all homegrown branches will be able to update daily information about
the number of clients visited, number of clients who provided their bank consent as well as all
other pre-deposit communication between local branches as well as clients. This will help the
company to deliver a better customer service through fundamental design professionals and
experts at the head office as well as better-quality marketing facilities regulating the time they
want to provide promotion to attract more clients, if less customers are visiting at the local
branch or online communication (Greenfield, 217).
JG King prefers central management to examine the job of local branches and can
allocate online customers’ jobs to the conforming local offices where the client’s land is situated
reliant on how busy the local office is. This gives a better consumption of resources to generate
more income. At the moment, JG king deals with the building business vendors for different
building equipment for instance, roof tiles, and floor tiles. Current vendor management service
was quickly instigated to put up a single customer at a time analogous to hybrid application
service and limited to only tiles providers (Greenfield, 217). ARCHITECTURE 5 Activity Diagram for JG King
Business Process
Customers Contact
local offices and
provide their
information (Land,
home design) The clients visits
display homes Local offices
advices on the
feasibility of the
design Start of process
Online customer jobs The Building starts. Central management
system Head office gets
accessories from
vendors. monitor the
workload of local
branches Local offices checks
client’s bank
approval Client approved Engineering design.
Commencement of
the home building
process Local office sends the
approved design and
customer records to
the head office Client makes a
deposit to the
local office ARCHITECTURE 6 Question 3: Determine all services (task-centric, entity-centric, application services),
process logic, sub-controller services and composition which are required to support JG
Kings’ vendors, customers’ workload management and other internal management as
mentioned in the above description.
The company wants to assimilate the current vendor management system with the
development of extra procuring process for all vendors. With new system, vendors will be able to
give in to Expression of Interest (EOI) which should have items and offered price and vendor
objectivity through a metadata provided by JG king’s Business to business solution in vendor
management. The system should be able to update this frequently for any modification from
vendor and new Expression of Interest (EOI) (Greenfield, 217). Procuring procedure
often certifies the demand of items from a system folder then harmonizes with vendor
management service for price, quality as well as vendor profile to find the best contractor for the
item and issue a purchase order to the vendor sustaining the meta data of acquisitions order
which is received from vendor’s Business to Business (B2B)solution. Once the invoice is
obtained from vendor about supply, procuring process sends the invoice to accounts payable
service for payment. All web services of the projected system will be normalized according to
the service oriented architecture (Greenfield, 217). Bibliography ARCHITECTURE
Greenfield, P., 2006. Service-oriented architectures and technologies. In Essential Software
Architecture (pp. 217-237). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 7


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