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(Solved) SOCIAL MEDIA ASPECTS Name University Affiliation Introduction The advent of technology has brought with it a number of changes and business...

  1. You will create an outline (see below for guidelines) for your Week 8 presentation based on Week 6’s revised PowerPoint presentation (a video preview is available under the Week 7 tab in Blackboard). Use the provided Presentation Outline Sample HERE for this step. Download the Presentation Outline Sample document to your desktop, saving it as Your_Name_Presentation_Outline and create your own outline, deleting the sample information. Leave the "Comments" column blank. After you have completed your presentation outline, upload it to the "Available Outlines" folder on OneDrive.

Outline Guidelines

Create an outline of your presentation in Word or Excel. Focus on short bullet points and key things that you want to say (in either your audio or video recording for Week 8). An example is posted for you above. You may choose to use that outline format or create your own for this Professional Experience.

University Affiliation Introduction
• The advent of technology has brought with it a
number of changes and business opportunities for
the people in the business world. • One of the things that technology has conjured is
social media which is in use by a number of people.
Social media platforms include Facebook, Whatsapp
and twitter. • It is therefore important that companies all over the
world embrace social media. Social Media in Context
• Social media refers to interactive applications
which are based on web. • They are platforms where people interact in a
number of ways and relate with one another. • They bring people together, offer connectivity
despite geographical separation and the
manner in which they can be exploited is
umlimited. Examples of Social Media Importance of Social Media
to Companies
• There are a number of reasons why social
media should be embraced by companies all
over the world. They include: • Marketing opportunities
• Advertising opportunities
• Consumer relations
• Presence of a wide and diverse client market
base Marketing Opportunities
• Social media offers various marketing
opportunities to companies. • Companies through the use of social media can gain a lot of attention for the services and
products in which they are providing t the market
through social media. A good example is the
Mariott Hotels which markets through twitter and
receives a lot of attention which in turn translates
to business. Advertising Opportunities
• Companies can advertise through social media. • The social media platforms have many users
all who are looking for something at one time
or the other hence the opportunity to make a
sale through a good advertisemnt. They can upload pictures, videos, demos and
even charts all which are different ways of
advertising. Consumer Relations
• Companies can use social media to improve their
consumer relations and gain consumer insights
(DeMers, 2014). • Through the platforms they can communicate
directly with the consumers and can be able to
understand firsthand what the consumer expects
of them and their products and services as well
as address any issues they may have in a timely
manner. Consumer Relations Market Base
• Social media also provides a wide and diverse
market for companies. Individuals using social
media come from different backgrounds both in
culture and geography. Despite this difference
they have a number of similarities such as the
need to use some products and services which the
company can market through social media which
is providing the consumers. • This translates to sales which can be global. Social Era • The advent of technology has now made the world more social. Statistics show that over
ninety percent of social relations are based on
social media hence provides the opening that
companies need to get to all of them. Social Era Conclusion • The opportunities open to companies for exploitation to their benefit are limitless. • This makes it ideal for companies to embrace
social media due to its importance. Reference • DeMers J. (2014) The Top 10 benefits of social
media marketing. Forbes. Retrieved on
5/15/2017 from


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