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(Solved) Office 2016 - myitlab:grader - Instructions Excel Project EX16_XL_CH01_GRADER_ML1_HW - Guest House Rental Rates 1.1 Project Description: You manage a...

Edit the excel file by following all the instruction

Office 2016 – myitlab:grader – Instructions Excel Project EX16_XL_CH01_GRADER_ML1_HW - Guest House Rental Rates
Project Description:
You manage a beach guest house in Ft. Lauderdale containing three types of rental units. Prices are
based on peak and off-peak times of the year. You need to calculate the maximum daily revenue for
each rental type, assuming all units are rented. In addition, you need to calculate the discount rate
for off-peak rental times. Finally, you will improve the appearance of the worksheet by applying
font, alignment, and number formats.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:
Step Points
Possible Instructions 1 Start Excel. Download and open the file named e01_grader_h2.xlsx. 0.000 2 Apply the Heading 1 cell style to the range A1:G1. 5.000 3 Apply the 20% - Accent1 cell style to the range A2:G2. 5.000 4 Merge and center Off-Peak Rentals in the range E4:G4. 5.000 5 Apply Blue fill color and White, Background 1 font color to the cell E4. 5.000 6 Center and wrap the headings on row 5. 6.000 7 In cell D6, enter a formula that calculates the Peak Rentals Maximum Revenue by multiplying the No.
Units by the Per Day value. 6.000 8 In cell G6, enter a formula that calculates the Discount Rate for the Off-Peak rental price per day. For
example, using the peak and off-peak per day values, the studio apartment rents for 80% of its peak
rental rate. However, you need to calculate and display the off-peak discount rate, which is .19973. 8.000 9 Copy the formula in cell D6 to cells D7:D8. Copy the formula in cell G6 to cells G7:G8. 4.000 Updated: 07/19/2016 1 Current_Instruction.docx Office 2016 – myitlab:grader – Instructions Step 10 Excel Project Points
Possible Instructions
Format the range C6:F8 with Accounting Number Format. 6.000 11 Format the range G6:G8 in Percent Style with one decimal place. 6.000 12 Apply Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80% fill color to the range E5:G8. 4.000 13 Select the range C5:D8 and apply a custom fill color with Red 242, Green 220, and Blue 219. 5.000 14 Answer the first question below the worksheet data. Apply Yellow highlight color to the correct answer
in either cell A16, A17, or A18. 5.000 15 Answer the second question below the worksheet data. Apply Yellow highlight color to the correct
answer in either cell A22, A23, or A24. 5.000 16 Answer the third question below the worksheet data. Change XX.X% to the correct percentage in cell
A28. 5.000 17 Select Landscape orientation, center the data horizontally on the page, and apply the setting to fit to one
page. 5.000 18 Insert a footer with the text Exploring Series on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the
file name code on the right side. 5.000 19 Create a copy of the Rental Rates worksheet, place the new sheet to the right side of the original
worksheet, and rename the new sheet as Formulas. 5.000 20 21 On the Formulas worksheet, display cell formulas, and set options to print gridlines and headings. Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook:
Rental Rates, Formulas. Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the
workbook as directed.
Total Points Updated: 07/19/2016 2 5.000 0.000
100.000 Current_Instruction.docx


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