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(Solved) BARACK OBAMA Barack Obama, one of the most prominent leaders in the history of USA and even the world as a whole was born in May 1964. He became the...

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Barack Obama, one of the most prominent leaders in the history of USA and even the
world as a whole was born in May 1964. He became the first African American US president and
served for two terms. Barack Obama in his reign was one of the most successful leaders in USA
and so many people loved him. Many believed that just like martin Luther king junior Barack
Obama too had the gift of speech. He moved the crowd with his well-planned and eloquent
speeches and many people would turn up just to listen to his speeches especially during his
campaigns, he is still a great speaker to date.
Barack Obama believed in democracy and was and still is a strong human rights activist.
He had a lot of respect for other people decisions in life even when they seemed a little
ridiculous. For instance he supported homosexuality an act that so many believed to be very evil
and ridiculous. This made many people to like him because they felt he had a feeling and
appreciation for all type of people in the world including the gays and the lesbians. There were a
lot of controversies when he supported the act and some even accused him of being a
homosexual but he stood firmly on his stand and made his people proud.
Despite the fact that Barack Obama is a Muslim, he respected the other religions and
gave all his citizens the right and freedom to worship. He was loving and he appreciated various
talents and skills among people. At one time he paid a man in Africa handsomely after the man
made his actual image using wood and appeared on the streets with it when he was passing by.
He loved his family that is, both his wife and his two daughters. When he was still a senator at
Illinois State he was occasionally seen cycling with his family members which was a sign of love
and attention to the family.
Barack was a bright student when he was in school and passed well in all his studies. He
started to show his leadership qualities when he was still in college. In his college he became the
first African American president and surprised so many people. He worked well with other
students and always fought for the rights of the week and against vices such as racism. Barack
cared for others including his paternal family members and even went to Kenya where his father
was born several years after his father had passed away.
Just like all the other prominent leaders so many musicians wrote and sang about Barack
Obama because of his admired characteristics and this made him even more popular. President
Obama was a peace lover and he always struggled to unite not only the Americans but the world
as a whole. He brought an end to the war between USA and Iraq and this was a clear sign to
prove that he was a peace lover.
Barack was a teacher at Chicago University and impacted knowledge to student. He was
a good teacher who was always determined to ensure that his students did well after the semester.
He had a lot of patients especially with the slow learners and always believed that everybody had
the ability to grasp the concepts that was teaching. He remained a good teacher even when he
eventually ventured into politics and so many people admired him because of that. Barack Obama was also a proficient writer an inspired ant thought people a lot in his
books, ‘Dreams from my father and the book Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the
American Dream.’ In his book dreams from my father he appreciates his father and teaches many
people the importance of appreciating family members in life. He talks of both his paternal and
maternal parents’ history and this educates on the importance of knowing ones background. Obama had some of the best leadership skills because in his reign he was able to unite so
many factions within the states and also worked very well with many foreign countries. He was
able to maintain the US economy and made life rather cheap and affordable to the citizens. He
expand the markets for his country’s exports and this also contributed to the growth of the
country’s economy.
He maintained and protected the US territories together with its citizens and also strived
to ensure that all the other countries in the world remained peaceful. He achieved this by highly
modernizing the US military making it more efficient in dealing with terrorist and there related
activities. He stopped the spread of weapons of mass destructions across the world and also
brought down the leader of al-Qaeda Osama- bin-laden and almost brought the terrorist group to
an end.
Obama made alliances and partnership with other countries and also invested in common
humanity. Obama was a great schemer and this helped his to rise to the top of the leadership
ladder. Before going for any seat especially the leadership positions Obama would first do a
research and know the exact things that would be expected of him while in the position. Before
he contested for the US presidency he visited so many countries meeting other leaders and
shared with them and this put him a step higher in leadership.
Before contesting for the US presidency Barack traveled to Kenya where he believed his
great grandfathers had lived and he got the blessings from home. This was a very important
journey in his career since it showed that he appreciated where he came from and he had respect
for his father. He also supported and still supports to date her grandmother Sarah Obama who
lives in Kenya in a small village called Kogelo.
Barack Obama’s leadership ship qualities were inspired by so many things including the
fact that he was a partial orphan. His father died when he was still young and this was a
challenge to him because it made him stronger and he took it as a challenge to do better. He
never wasted time lamenting about how his father left him at a tender age instead he focused to
achieve some of the things he thought his father might have wanted him to achieve.
Obamas environment had some positive impact on his political career because it actually
trimmed him to be the great leader that he is today. He was always in school where he interacted
with other scholars and shared great ideas not only about books but about leadership. This school
environment with scholar was very instrumental in his life He learnt from the mistakes of his parents and when he eventually got married to
Michelle he ensured that they stayed happily and did not divorce like his parents. He treated her
wife with the respect that she deserved and so Michelle stood by her side up to this day. In
America today divorce is the order of the day and so many political leaders have suffered from it
and therefor Obama’s marriage is also a good show to the world that he was a very responsible
person. He loves her children and gives every one of them an opportunity to interact with the
world freely unlike other leaders. Her eldest daughter occasionally works at a restaurant and he
supported her and even visited her at the restaurant at times. This is good because it shows unity
and good relation with people. Many expected a person of Obama’s caliber to restrict his
children and alienate them from the rest of the world. In fact many would expect him to take his
children to the well-paying jobs in the country or even not to allow them to work at all.
It is said that charity begins at home and that why many perceive Obama as a good leader
because he is generous to at least his family members. I believe Obama’s family had a lot of
positive influence toward his leadership journey. Many people today would not appreciate girls
as their children. Many would prefer at least to have a boy child in the family but Barack Obama
disapproved this notion because he was and still is very comfortable with her two daughters.
I personally believe that Barack Obama is a great leader because he achieved so many
things and rose to the highest ranks in terms of leadership in his country. Despite the fact that he
was an Africa America he never took it as a step back but instead he considered it a stepping
stone towards success. He was determined and always achieved almost everything that he went
for. He was ever optimistic and consider every reasonable idea possible and achievable. Barack
was a go getter and always went for the things that he wanted without possibly looking down
upon himself.
Barack Obama is an inspirational leader who will always remain in the memories of
many because of his achievement and also personality, his achievements will forever be


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